Monday, September 12, 2011

Plugging Along and a New Schedule

We are about 6 weeks into school and we have been plugging along.  Some days at a better speed than others. 

Last week I was having some migraines, as I tend to have at least one week out of the month, so we just didn't do school as much as I would have liked.  I am not worrying about it though since we have a few weeks under our belts already.

This week all of our extra curriculum activities start.  Today both girls started Beginning Public Speaking (BPS) and The Lil' Chef also started Young Speakers Guild (YSG).  My girls are funny, they were both pretty sure that they did N O T want to do speech.  One meeting later, they are so excited and glad they went. : )  We will be doing speech every other week.

Tomorrow I am starting a Women's Bible Study.  While I am in the Bible study, the boys will be in their own age appropriate classes and the girls will get to help out with the little kids.  I am really looking forward to the Bible study and I think it is great that the girls have an opportunity to help out with other kids. 

Right after the Bible Study, the girls are going to start flute lessons.  Did I tell you I was praying for a piano teacher and the Lord blessed us with a flute teacher?  Not long after I started praying for a piano teacher, a friend of mine offered to teach the girls flute.  What a blessing that was!  Pawn shops are a great, inexpensive place to find flutes, FYI.

This week the kids also start back to choir.  This year all the kids will get to participate.  The girls will be in the junior choir together and the boys in the cherub choir. 

I have never been one to run here and there all week long.  Last year it was enough just to get to choir once a week, but this year I am making a few changes.  I have always only schooled 4 days a week and took Friday off.  This year I am swapping my Friday for Tuesday.  I am thinking that once we get home the girls can do their core work (Math, Grammar and Spelling) but if they do not get it done then we will make it up on Friday.  They really love having their Friday off so I imagine that they will want to get their stuff done on Tuesday afternoon, but we will see. 

I will be honest, I was am wondering if I have over extended us but the Lord gave me comfort the other day in knowing that all these things that I want to do (speech, flute, Bible study and choir) work towards the bigger picture of what we want for our kids.  So, for now I am resting in that and hoping that the new schedule doesn't stress us out.  If it does then I guess I will be posting the new, new schedule.


danielle @ RLR said...

It's so dicey finding that right balance.

I'm still feeling guilty-ish because I've put my ladies Bible study on hold until I get my feet under me this year. And between you and me...I'm not sure when that will be. Ugh. I don't do well when new things get added into the mix. And I used to be so flexible too. Oh well...


Any good suggestions for a Women's Bible study??



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