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TOS Crew :Nutrition 101, Choose Life!

Nutrition and Nutritional Healing are two major interests of mine.  In an effort to educate my children in truth, I have looked around for a nutrition curriculum that taught the truth about nutrition, but I didn't really think one existed.  So, I was over SUPER excited to be able to review Nutrition 101: Choose Life by Growing Healthy Homes!
Finally a nutrition book that is broken down for kids to understand.  I gotta tell ya, I fell in love with this book.  I love everything about it!! Really!

Nutrition 101: Choose Life was written by homeschool moms! More specifically, is was co-authored by homeschool mother Debra Raybern, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., I.C.A.; homeschool mother and researcher Sera Johnson, B.MU; mother and writer/editor Laura Hopkins, B.S.; and mother, grandmother and former Home Economics teacher Karen Hopkins, B.S.

Nutrition 101: Choose Life is not just a nutrition curriculum, it is a wonderful family reference book that you will keep forever and use again and again.  This book will teach your family about the major body systems, how they function and the diseases and ailments that can affect them.  You will also learn about foods that are support these systems and the foods that are bad for them.  The book is broken into 6 Units:

  • The Brain and Nervous System
  • Digestion and Elimination
  • Respiration and Olfactory
  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
  • Endocrine System and Emotions.

 Let me tell ya'll about some of the great things that I like about Nutrition 101: Choose Life -
  • Like I said, I am THRILLED that this book teaches truth about nutrition.  When I say it teaches truth, I mean that Nutrition 101 talks about herbs that boost your immune system, that boosting immunity through nutrition is better for your body than vaccines, that coffee and caffeine lower your immune system, and my personal favorite - that fluoride is really POISON!! 
  • My kids love to cook and experiment with foods, so we really like that each chapter has a recipe that goes along with it.  Like for instance when learning about the Brain, you can make a recipe like Guacamole because avocados are excellent brain food.
  • It is super duper helpful that this book is full of colorful pictures, highlighted vocabulary words and discussion questions in each chapter.
  • I also like the that each chapter has activities for the kids to do, which are broken into elementary and secondary sections.  For instance after learning about amino acids in chapter 4, the elementary kids are told to check their refrigerator to see if they have any plant sources of amino acids in there.  The secondary kids are asked to help organize a family outdoor fun time that features games that utilize the nervous system.  FUN!!  These optional activities are a great addition to the book.
  • Did tell you there are 448 pages chock full of knowledge! 
  • The charts in the appendix are fabulous!  I am a chart girl.  I guess because I am a visual learner, charts are my thing.  There are several in this book like the healthy food pyramid, a acid/ alkaline chart, a chart on how to choose good produce and when it is in season.  Not sure that this qualifies as a chart but they have an awesome shopping list too!
  • In saving the best for last, Nutrition 101 uses scripture through the whole book!!  LOVE IT!!
You can view the the table of contents and an excerpt HERE.

There is much to like about Nutrition 101: Choose Life.  You can purchase it 3 ways:

I was given a downloadable version of the book to review, so I had to print out the pages myself.  I think if you are going to purchase this curriculum, I would spend the extra $20 and get the book.  The Hubs totally covets his printer ink (to do invoices for our carpet business) so there is N O !!! way that I could print out 448 pages in one sitting.  BUT we have on off those spiral binding machines, so I would just print out 1 unit at a time and bind them together by unit.  This is a totally workable idea but I would probably prefer to just have the whole book.  Either way, which ever you choose, Choose Life and get the book ; )

You may also want to take a peak at what others on the TOS Crew are saying about Growing Healthy Homes.
Please note that we received a free download of Nutrition 101: Choose Life.  The opinions stated here are mine and I was not influenced by the company or the free product.


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

This sounds so intriguing!!! We loved our first foray into nutrition when we read Dr. Sears book last year. We blogged about our adventure with it:

My boys would be thrilled to take it to the next level!

(found you from the KONOS yahoo group!)


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