Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TOS Crew: Kinderbach


We were given the chance to review the Kinderbach Preschool Online Piano video lessons recently for the TOS Crew.  Kinderbach is a fun and easy way for children ages 3-8 to learn to play piano at home, either online or by DVD.  Don't Worry Mom, No Musical Background Required, I Promise! 


Kinderbach is different than most piano programs, because it teaches music through stories and games.  Each music note becomes a fun character that kids are sure to remember.  Here are the things that we liked best about Kinderbach:

  • Kinderbach has 240 Lessons.  With so many lessons available, there is lots for kids to learn and keep them from getting bored.
  • The Characters and Stories through out Kinderbach help kids to remember the different notes and keys that they are learning in fun way.
  • The lessons have Games and Printouts for reinforcement. 
  • The videos are upbeat, fun and entertaining, so much so that the kids look forward to watching them!  And ask to watch them over and over and over again.
  • Kinderbach includes activities for Multiple Learning Styles, which is great since different kids learn in different ways.
  • The Kindebach program is Very Affordable!!
  • It can be used over and over again with all your children!!!


The kids really enjoyed the Kinderbach program, especially Computer Girl (7 yrs old).  She really loved the characters, specifically Dotti the Donkey.  She thought he was really cute :  )  Computer Girl actually made a donkey craft in Sunday School last Sunday and when she was getting into our van she said "Look Mom, it's Dotti."  So the program it stilling with her.  She is not playing Beethoven or Bach yet, but we're hopeful.  ;  )


There are 2 ways that your family can enjoy Kinderbach.  You can order the DVD's, which would be my preference or you can have a monthly membership.  The Activity Packages (DVD & Activities Pages) are currently $40.45 but there are also Value Packages that are available for $55.95 and up.  Online memberships are also available for $19.99 a month or for $95.88 for the year.

May I suggest that you try before you buy, Kinderbach offered a Free Online Trial. 

Please take a peek at what other Homeschool Mom's, from the TOS Crew, think about Kinderbach.

Please note that we were given the Kinderbach Online Membership for review purposes only.  The opinions stated here are my own.



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