Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Menu Plan 4/12/11

I try to get my menu posted on Monday's but, I am late as usual : ) I came across my Weekly Menus Folder that I had misplaced back in November.  You see each week I write out a list of the foods taht we will be eating that week.  I keep the breakfast and lunch foods the same for the most part and just change up the dinners.  I then save these menu plans in a handy dandy folder.  

When I am planning my meals for the week I like to go back to the foods that we have tried before and love.  While I do love to try new recipes, I do not like to feel like I have to totally recreate the wheel each and every week.  So, I am very thankful that I fold my folder. 

Here is what's cookin' this week:


Breakfast Night - Cinnamon Belgian Waffles, Eggs & Cantaloupe



PIZZA - I know that I have talked about it, but this week I am really gonna do it!  I am going to make my own pizza crust.  I am going to try this dough recipe.

Burgers, Dogs, Fries and a Veggies Pasta Salad

Spaghetti - I was making a cake the other day and when I opened up a package of Philly Cream Cheese I found an interesting recipe, Spaghetti ala Philly.  Anyone ever tried this one??  

Does anyone have any new family favorites to share?


DRAGONFLY9012 said...

I love looking at your menu's!!:) I just cooked a potato and bacon soup. It was so Yummy!!. I found the recipe online. There are lots of different recipes for it. This is how I cooked mine.

I cooked the bacon in a pot. Took the bacon out cooked some onions in the bacon drippings. Then added a chicken bouillon cube, water, and potatoes. When the potatoes where cooked I added milk, bacon broken up and corn. Cook for about 5 min and it is ready.

You can also add sour cream, and cheese.. I didn't measure anything so I would say look the recipe up online before.

Brandi said...

Thanks so much : )

That sounds great! I have made a Creamy Potato Soup before but it never occured to me to add BACON!! That sounds like a bowl of Yummeiness!! Thanks for sharing!


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