Friday, February 18, 2011

TOS Crew: Kid Scoop

The TOS Crew offered to let us review Kids Scoop's Reluctant Readers Solutions by Vicki Whiting, who has done a fabulous job putting this program together!

She know that in order for children to get good at reading they have to do it.  If you want kids to love reading give'em stuff to read that they enjoy and interest them.  Vicki has now just that.  She has put together some great topics that the kids are really interested in!  My kids have really enjoyed reading about Big Foot, frost, Bees, Germs and Valentines Day, to name a few. 


Not only do the kids get to read about really cool stuff, but then they get to do even cooler activities, like stories, games, puzzles and crafts!  

My kids generally like to read, for the most part so I am not generally pulling teeth to make that happen.  With that said I can't testify that my kids couldn't stand reading but now they love it.  BUT, I can tell you that when I print out a set of worksheets I don't even need to ask them to do it.  I just lay them on the kitchen table and BAM! they flock to them.  Literally!  They will of course share what they are learning and ask me if they have questions but all I hear is "Mom can you print us out another one?!!"


Here are the Pros:
  • The topics really appealed the kids.  They were learning and ENJOYING it.  Can you imagine such a thing!
  • I liked that many of the topics were related to history, science and health.
  • Very easy to use.  With it being in eBook form, it was pretty much print and go.  Each topic includes 5-7 worksheets.
  • The kids can do this independently.  Mostly.  For us anyway, but this would depend on the skill level of your kiddos.  Don't get me wrong here, these activities got their brain juices flowing and challenged them.
  • With 365 pages of stories and activities, cover about 60 different topics, it will last for quite a while. 
  • Did I mention that they were learning!!
  • I mentioned that my kids don't really struggle with reading to much, but I can say this Kid Scoop did give them a definite hunger to want to read MORE and keep on learning.
  • I liked that it could be used for multiple ages.  My 10 and 7 year olds most worked on their own, unless they had a question.  My 4 year old is not reading yet, but after seeing the fun his sisters were having he wanted to join in.  So, either we would join them or have me help him with the story and some of the activities that he could do. 

You can purchase your own Kid Scoop: Reluctant Reader Solution eBook for $97.00.  I will be honest, at first I thought that was a little high BUT hear me out for a moment and consider these thoughts....
You own the eBook, which means that you can print them over and over.  This obviously is more economical if you have a few children.  $97 divided by 365 (worksheets) is roughly $.27 per worksheet.  So, that would make each topic only about  $1.35 - $1.89 each.  Not bad considering you can print it over and over and over again.  If I did my math correctly (which would be pretty embarrassing if I didn't) it really is pretty economical.  

If you are not sure about purchasing the eBook you would probably love to know that Kid Scoop has a

365-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!  

Can't beat that!  If you still aren't convinced Kid Scoop offers a FREE sample download that you might want to check out.

Also included in your Kid Scoop purchase is 12 months of access to the Kid Scoop monthly newspaper, the online newspaper just for kids. ($55 value).  Which is also very cool.  Kids love having a newspaper all their own.  

In each electronic edition of Kid Scoop News Online your kids will get to play lots of fun puzzles and games, do awesome experiments, and read profiles of kids in the new, plus lots more!   Kids get to read about current events, the natural world, and special holidays.
Page after page is filled with lots of things to do and learn!  Your kids will enjoy this subscription for 12 months along with your eBook purchase.

Please check out what others on the TOS Crew are saying about Kid Scoop!

We received a free copy of Kid Scoop: Reluctant reader Solutions for review purposes only.  The opinions stated here are my own and were not influenced by the free product.



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