Friday, February 11, 2011

TOS Crew: Curiosity Files

The TOS Crew asked us if we would like to review one of their new Curiosity Files ebook studies. I immediately knew that I wanted to do one, I even knew the exact one that I wanted to do.  I can tend to get a little excited about doing new things, but I contained myself and let the kids choose the topic of their choice. Would you believe that we ALL wanted to do the same study! Quicksand!


It was nice to be able to study something that everyone was interested in.  It was even nicer to be able to learn right along with the kids, and not have to do a ton of research before hand, since The Old Schoolhouse had already done it for us.

When we opened up our curiosity file we met Professor Ana Lyze, Expert in Outlandish Oddities. She kindly introduced herself and told us that she and her research team specialized in the obscure, the abnormal, and bizarre.  The kids and I were hooked and very interested to follow her through this study.


With the help of Professor Ana Lyze we learned alot about quicksand. We learned what quicksand is and what it isn't.  We found out that it takes just the right make up of water, sand, clay and salt to make quicksand.  We learned how to make our own edible quicksand.  Did you know that quicksand is very common and that most people don't sink to their death if they step in it, we do! 

We had a great time with this study, there were so many things to do!  After learning about quicksand you can do experiments, word searches, crossword puzzles, study scriputre, do math and even make your own (edible) quicksand!

Some of the things included in the Curiosity Files are:
  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Quicksand
  • Let’s See How Much You’ve Learned
  • Figure It Out
  • Morecambe Bay Quicksand
  • Quicksand Drawings - the kids get to draw fun pictures of things getting stuck in quicksand
  • Math Facts
  • Measures
  • Word Fun
  • Is Your Essay Full of Quicksand?
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Elementary Word List
  • Junior High/High School Word List
  • Spelling Activities (elementary)
  • Spelling Activities (middle/high school)
  • Word Search
  • Crossword
  • Just For Fun
  • Copywork
  • Scripture Verses
  • Memory Work
  • In the Lab
  • Physics
  • Surface Tension Experiment
  • Let’s Get Creative
  • Quicksand Goo
  • Edible Quicksand
  • Decorative Colored Sand Bottles
  • Painted Walking Stick
  • Sand Art Pictures
  • Coloring Page
  • Hands on Learning
  • Cornstarch Quicksand
  • The Curiosity Fact Files
  • Snippet #1: Why Does Quicksand Make You Sink?
  • Snippet #2: Non-Newtonian Fluid
  • Music Mania
  • Read All About It
 As if that weren't enough, there are books recommended for further reading and lots of websites to check out about quicksand.  Like I said, they've done it ALL!

The ebooks in the Curiosity Files series are:

  • Quicksand
  • Blue Diamond
  • Dung Beetle
  • MRSA
  • Puffer Fish 
  • Red Tide 
  • Zombie Fire Ants 
  • Blue-footed Booby 
  • Cicada Killing Wasp

Whether you want to study Quicksand or any of the other Curiosity Files, you won't be disappointed. At only $6.95 (or $46.00 for all 9 of them), The Curiosity Files are a great way to spice up your studies or to just take a mid year break from your current curriculum.   While the recommended age range is 8-13, my 4 & 8 year olds had no problem keeping up, so I feel it is definitely adaptable for the younger ages.

To see what other TOS Crew members are saying about the Curiosity Files please check out their reviews here.

Please note that we received the Quicksand Curiosity File from the TOS at no charge, for review purposes only.  This, however, did not alter my opinion about this product. 


The Unsell Family said...

Great review. We reviewed Quicksand as well and loved it.

Rodna said...

We did the Puffer Fish. We are loving it!


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