Monday, February 28, 2011

TOS Crew: I See Sam

We were asked to review the I See Sam books from Academic Success for All Learners for the TOS Crew. 

The company graciously sent us levels 1-4.  When our box of books arrived a was initially a bit over whelmed, because I wasn't real sure where to start or what to do.  Once I opened the box and started reading the Placement and Assessment Manual I knew that I was going to use the program with Computer Girl.

Computer Girl is in 2nd grade, and read pretty well prior to using the I See Sam books.  We did not use these books to teach phonics as she already has a firm phonetic foundation.  We used the Little Books more as readers to help give her the confidence that she lacked in reading and speed.   
Here is what I found from using the program with Computer Girl:
  • The Placement and Assessment Manual showed us exactly where Computer Girl needed to start.  She started in level 3.
  • As Computer Girl would read to me, the reader would prompt me to Praise and Encourage her.  When ever I would say Great Job! or WOW!  That was Perfect! her little eyes would just light up and she would smile ear to ear!  While I did praise her prior to using the I See Sam books I don't think i did it enough.  The extra praise was working, it slowly but surely helped to build the confidence that she needed. 
  • When we read together I try to set time aside so that it was just her and I. with no interruptions and she would just read and read.  There have been several times that she sat and read me 3-4 books in one sitting.  She really enjoyed the stories and they really kept her interest. 
  • While she did start in level 3 she quickly improved and moved on to level 4. 
  • As her confidence improved so did her reading skills.  The once shy reader now begs me to let her keep reading.  Here is an example, when we do Bible together I have both the girls read along with me.  I used to only have Computer Girl read 1 verse, 2 at the most.  Now she likes to read verse after verse!  Now I have to tell her to stop hogging all the reading.  : )
I plan on continuing to use the Little Books with Computer Girl and plan on using level 1 with Alpha Boy next year when he starts Kindergarten.

I would recommend Little Books from the I See Sam series, but not as a stand alone phonetic program.  The kids enjoy them and they really do seem to help improve reading skills.  They have 8 sets that take you from a Kindergarten to 3.6 reading level.  Each set contains up to 27 Little Books and costs $30. 

Each set of I See Sam Little Books also have a set of flashcards to accompany the readers.  You may download them for no charge or purchase them all ready made for $15 for sets 1-4 or 5-8.

If you would like to see for yourself what the I See sam Little Books are all about, you may request a FREE Sample Book.

Please check out what other members of the TOS Crew are saying about the I See Sam Little Books.

We recieved the I See Sam Little Books at no charge for review purposes.  This did not in any way influence my opinions of this product, the opinions expressed here truly are my own. 


Very Blessed Mamma said...

We really enjoyed this program as well. We are still in the first set, but my son is doing great!
Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well.

Anonymous said...

...just wanted to let you know that we are starting a MFW Homeschool Highlights link up in the coming weeks. If you're interested, stop by and let me know!

:: Happy Homeschooling! ::
Kathi @ A Heart Like Water A Heart Like Water


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