Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This was our first week back after our winter break.  Things went pretty well, considering. 

I started a new routine with the kids (and self) this week and I am thinking that is going to take some getting used to, for all of us.  Things really do run much smoother and I am much happier if we have a plan and focus on completing it each day.  Our routine includes chores, reading time, school times, quiet/nap times, computer times and the like.   We had a few snags since I am doing physical therapy (for my neck) 3 mornings a week, but we accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish. 

I haven't talked much about our curriculum for a while but we are still using MFW, along with a few supplements, and loving it.  We are doing Creation to Greeks this year and I am really diggin' all of the old testament studies.  This week we studied the plagues that the Lord sent upon Egypt when the Pharaoh would not let God's people go.  As I was read scripture in Exodus the children and I would talk about what we were reading, well, everyone except Little Bits, he would usually just pelt Joe O's at us.  The kids keep a Bible/History notebook so they would draw a picture of each plague to go into their notebook. 

We have been using some of Diana Waring's Ancient Civilization curriculum, mostly the workbook and the audio cd's, and this week we sung her song about the plagues to the tunes of Camptown Races.  That was AWESOME!  I gave the girls 2 challenges, one to do this week and one for next.  I told them that I wanted them to write their own song about the Egyptian plagues, this should be no problem and lots of fun for them because they are ALWAYS writing songs about something.  They also need to put on a news broadcast about the plagues for their daddy and I.  The only requirements that I gave them were to do one this week and one next and I also told them they had to include their brothers.  The boys could be frogs or locust or something : )

I have been wanting to start incorporating character traits into our studies and this week I FINALLY did!!  Yay!  This week we talked about loyalty.  We talked about what it means to be loyal and ways that we can show loyalty to others.

We studied comparative and superlative words, worked on fractions, and had spelling words with a french origin.  We have been enjoying some really cool online games that we are reviewing for the TOS Crew, which I will be telling you all about real soon. 

For Health and Science we studied blood and the immune system.  We are working on a book about blood and we learned alot about the different types of blood cells and what they do.  We learned some pretty amazing facts about the body which the Lord has so miraculously created!  Then we followed that us with a Moody Science video that taught us about the immune system, this was by far the coolest science video I have seen so far (more about this later).  After watching the video and reading from our book, the girls draw pictures of blood cells and viruses for their health notebook. 

Friday is our day off so we are going to be doing a little house cleaning and we will probably make gingerbread houses because we just never got to them.  At least we are doing better them last year when we didn't get to them until MARCH.  Yes, MARCH! 

I also believe we might get a little snow tomorrow and if we do we will be making these really neat 3D snowflakes. 



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