Monday, January 3, 2011

TOS Crew: Positive Action For Christ

We were given the opportunity to review for Positive Action For Christ, more specifically we reviewed the 5th grade Curriculum called Possessing the Land.

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Possessing the Land is an Old Testament survey that goes from Genesis to the minor prophets, which ends in Habakkuk.

Here are the things that I liked:
  • I really liked that even though it was designed for a 5th grader, I had no problem using this program with all of my children.  The younger children did more listening and drawing of the things that they heard, while the older 2 were more capable of working in the workbook. 
  • I liked how everything was laid out for me.  Each lesson was set up in a way that was simple to understand and just as easy to implement.  The teachers guide explains your Target Truth, which is the main point of the lesson.  They give you Teaching Strategies, Character Trait Activities and some lessons include Additional Teaching Suggestions.
  • Selected scripture is suggested for memorization for each lesson, I thought this was great!
  • This curriculum not only includes a study of the Old Testament, but it includes a suggested music curriculum.  Each month, new hymns and choruses are introduced.  I liked this very much, because other than choir, music can unintentionally get pushed to the side. 
  •  We liked the workbook that accompanied the study.  Some of the activities include answering questions, looking up scripture, charts, maps, fill in the blanks and crossword puzzles, which of course my kids LOVE!
  • There are 35 Lessons in this curriculum so you could use it for an entire school year.

As far as things I didn't care for, I can't really think of anything.  I think it is a worthy study and I am thankful that it was given to us to review.  I would definitely recommend it to other families for homeschooling or just as a family devotional.

The Possessing the Land study is available through Positive Action for Christ.  The teacher's manual is $33.95 and the student manual is $12.95.

Action For Christ offers Bible Curriculum grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade:

Each of the books listed above have download samples for both the teacher manuals and student manuals, you will find them on the links I have provided for you above.  They also offer separate curriculum for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Please see what other TOS Crew Mates are saying about Positive Action For Christ.

We received this product free of charge from Positive Action For Christ for review purposes only.  We were not paid in any way and the opinions expressed here are my own.



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