Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in the Bible DVD's

We were given a copy of the first and second episode of the What's in the Bible to review.  The What's in the Bible videos were created by the same creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer.  This video series currently has out 4 DVD's, which each have two 25 minute episodes. 

The first video, In the Beginning starts off in Genesis and explains how the Bible came to be and who wrote it.  We also learned about Adam, Eve and their sin in the garden. 

The second DVD, Let My People Go, explains who choose the books in the Bible and about salvation.  The kids will learn about how the Lord saved the Israelites out of the hands of the Pharaoh. 

The third DVD called Wanderin' in the Desert has such a cute title for the first episode, Don't lie, don't cheat and Don't TRIM YOUR BEARD?  Funny right!  Here we learn about God's rules, why He gave them to us and which ones still apply to us in today's world.  We finish learning about the first five books in the Bible and about Israels time in the desert or Israel's "time out" as they call it. 

The fourth video is called Battle for the Promised Land and it takes you though Joshua, Judges and Ruth.  Although there are only four dvd's available at this point, they have plans to make this a 13 DVD series. 

At first, for some reason, my kids did not seem real excited about watching these videos.  But once they started watching them they really did enjoy them. 

Here are some things that we really enjoyed about the What's in the Bible Videos:
  • The kids and I liked the comedy in them, the characters are really cute and funny.   It starts of as a news show with this guy Buck Denver and some of the cartoon characters want it to be their show and, well, you just need to watch it. 
  • Lots of great Bible history and facts.  Phil Vischer is in the videos along with the cartoon characters and he gives lots of insight on many bible truths.
  • We really enjoyed the fun songs that the different characters would sing.  I especially enjoyed the Bentlly Brothers.

One thing that I noticed and felt it was worth mentioning was that these videos seem to have more doctrine in them verses just bible stories.  There were a few things that I didn't agree with and was glad that I was watching with my children so that I could explain.  These were not things that would prevent me from letting the kids watch them but I just feel that I would need to preview them with the kids first.

All of the What's in the Bible videos can be purchased directly from What's in the Bible.

We were given this video for review purposes from What's in the Bible.  The opinions stated here are my own.  I was not compensated in any way to sway opinions.   



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