Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grammar All Stars Review

We have been extremely blessed to be reviewing several book collections from Gareth Stevens Publishing this school year.   I wanted to share one of the ones that we have REALLY been enjoying so far, Grammar All Stars. 

Let me start by saying that these are not your average book, these books are of a very high quality.  The artwork in the Grammar Allstars books are fabulous, actually all of the Gareth Stevens books have great artwork!  I love that the kids go to these books all on their own, the stories interest them and they are reinforcing the language arts skills that they are already learning, which is a huge BONUS!   The girls really love reading these and many times I have seen Alpha Boy taking a huge stack of them to his bed with him for nap time, even though he can't read them he loves to look at them.

In each book we follow along with sportscaster Buzz Star as he teams up with a child reporter to call the plays for the games of the different sports.  As they go thru the games they share tips about writing and grammar.  These stories have been very enjoyable for all of my chidlren (ages 2-10), although they are geared towards children in grades 2-4. 

There are 3 sets in this series, Kinds of Words, Parts of Speech and Writing Tools, each set has six titles in it.

Kinds of Words
  • Catch-A-Wave Compounds
  • Half Pipe Homonyns 
  • Pit Stop Prefixes
  • Slap Shot Synonoms and Antomymns
  • Karate Contractions
  • Soccer Goal Suffixs

Parts of Speech

  • Bowling Alley Adjectives
  • Touchdown Nouns
  • Hole-in-One Adverbs
  • Slam Dunk Pronouns
  • Home Run Verbs
  • Tennis Court Conjunctions
Grammar All-Stars: Writing Tools

Writing Tools

  • Kick Ball Capitalization
  • Make-A-Splash Writing Rules
  • Pedaling to Perfect Punctuation
  • Skating to Spelling Success
  • Snowboarding Similes and Metaphors
  • Track Star Sentences
These books make a great addition to any family library, whether you homeschool or not.  You can purchase these books indiviually for $19.50, in sets of six for $117.00 or the complete set for $351.00 directly from Gareth Stevens. As I said earlier these are very high quality, hard cover books, if taken care of I imagine that they would last for a very long time.



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