Friday, September 24, 2010

TOS Crew: Schleich Figures

We were sent several of the animal figures from Schleich in order to review them for the TOS Crew. They aren't just ordinary animals figures, they are very nice, high quality and are much more life like than any other animals figures that I have ever seen.

I was very surprised at the wide variety of figures that the Schleich Company offers.  They have figures of farm animals, wild animals, knights, vehicles and even Smurfs!  I am not trying to date myself but I think my sister and I even had a few of those Smurf figures when we were younger.

The Schleich company has been around for about 75 years, and in that time they have definitely mastered making toy figures.  Their attention to detail is really amazing on these animals.  The website shows a large selection of figures, although they do not sell them directly through their site.  The Schleich figures can be purchased at several different places, like on and at Target.  They range in price, with the animals being less expensive and the buildings being a bit more. 

One of the sets that Schleich's sells on Amazon is the Wild Babies Set.  This set includes 5 wild animals (zebra calf, giraffe calf, elephant calf and lion cub) and it sells for $16.99.  

The kids have really enjoyed them and have used them in many different ways.  For instance, they have used them in our own Garden of Eden, along with blocks and logs, and they have also made a zoo for them.  They have really enjoyed them so much that they may even get some new ones in their stockings this year, but shhh don't tell them!

The only down fall to these figures, which isn't really a down fall, is that I really feel that I have to keep a hawk eye on Little Bits because some of the animals are kind of small.  I believe most of the Schleich figures are recommended for children 3 and up.

Please see my other crew mates reviews here.

These products were given to us free of charge from Schleich for review purposes.  We were not paid in any way and the opinions expressed here are my own.


Champion Builders said...

My 6yr old has the knights and they are awesome.


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