Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Removing Permanent Markers from the Wall

Truthfully I wasn't going to post today BUT I just had to share this. 

My youngest little darling, Little Bits, just loves to draw.  He especially LOVES to draw with black or red permanent marker on my WALLS!!  I know exactly what you are thinking right now, lucky me, right?! 

Before I go any further, let me just tell you that we have some painting done earlier this month.  One of the rooms that we had painted was the girls room.  We all really loved the drawings that Little Bits had made for us, but the girls were really ready for a new look. 

Well this evening, I was helping the girls clean out their drawers because they had so many clothes in them that they couldn't even open them. and noticed MORE ARTWORK!!  I am am actually very proud of myself, I did yell even once : )  I figured no biggy, I would just touch it up with some leftover paint, but after looking online I found a great tip. 

Toothpaste!  I asked the Hubs to rub a little toothpaste onto the wall and then wipe it off with a wet rag.  All I have to say is AMAZING!  The artwork is ALL GONE!!  I just couldn't believe it.  Doesn't make me feel real warm and cozy that this is the stuff that we brush our teeth with but none the less, IT WORKED!

Like I said, I had to share. 


cooperkelly4 said...

another great tip! Not that we would ever need that one. lol just kidding, I have a spot waiting in the boys room. Now to remove the leftover red nail polish from the tile grout...ugh! And that was 18 months ago. Nothing has gotten rid of it. Any suggestions? =0) Glad you didn't yell. =0)

Tina Hollenbeck said...

A couple years ago, I discovered a new sponge called Mr. Clean Magic Erase. I have no idea how, but they seem to clean EVERYTHING! :^)

Briana said...

Oh, I gotta try this tip. My two year old used a red sharpie on the dining room wall last week. Thanks!

Brandi said...

Hey Ladies, please let me know if it works for you. I do the magic sponge thing too but it didn't remove the marker on the walls as good as the toothpaste.


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