Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping with the Family Part 2

We are home now.  It is great to get away but wonderful to come back home.  Remember that rain I was talking about?  Well, we did end up getting some, but like the Hubs said considering all the rain we were "supposed" to get we made out pretty good.  I did take the advice of a friend and stopped by the Christian bookstore and loaded up on their $5 & $6 so that was helpful.  We watched Heartstrings and Little Angels, both were pretty good.  We ale also ended up renting Letters to God from a Redbox, good movie from what I saw.  I did end up falling asleep, not because the movie was boring, I was just wiped out.

My aunt lives near Ocean City so we were able to visit with her and her hubby.  We met them at a great little pizza place outside of Ocean City on Rte 50, it was called JJ's Pizza.  As we were pulling into the parking lot my husband was shocked we weren't meeting them at The Dough Roller (a very popular pizza place) and like I told him locals always know where the good food is.  I was right!  This pizza was delcious!  My Aunt and her hubby got a white pizza which had fresh basil, tomatoes and RICOTTA CHEESE.  I am definitely going to have to make that, it looked heavenly!  Got pics of my aunt but forgot to take a pic of the pizza.

We were also able to go to the Ocean City Boardwalk.  We ate dinner there, I got two bathing suit tops (love them end of the season sales!!), the kids rode rides and the girls got their EARS PIERCED!  I have been holding off on the ear piercing because I really thought they were too young .  Driving to the beach I thought it might be fun for them to get their ears pierced while we were here.  I finally concluded what's the big deal, it's just earrings.  I am really not sure that they have ever been so excited!!  Really! 

Well, enough rambling.  Wanna see some more vacation pictures?

For those of you that don't know Ocean City, MD, let me just tell ya, you can't go to Ocean City with out going to the boardwalk.  We really enjoy walking the boardwalk, riding the rides and checking out the shops.

This is the end of the boardwalk where all the rides are.  The kids started getting really excited as we pulled in to park.

We ran into some friends on the boardwalk.  I think they weirded Alpha Boy out, he did NOT want to take a picture with them, LOL.

Now this guy was a different story, Alpha Boy was very excited to see Spidey!

Walking on the boardwalk looking for our favorite boardwalk pizza place.

We have started a new tradition a few years ago.  This is where we go for pizza on the boardwalk.  The pizza was great but we missed having Aunt Cindy Lou and Uncle Dan with us.

Marking the ears.  Computer Girl was so thrilled, she didn't even care that pain was involved.

She was such a trooper!

Can you see the excitement?!!

The Lil' Chef wanted her ears pierced but I think she was a little nervous about the pain.  But....

In the end she did great and we had another THRILLED little girl!

After all the piercing excitement we went to ride some rides,

do a few obstacle course and

ride the merry go round.

Again and....


This picture is special.  We used to vacation at the beach with my mom.  Our last vacation was the summer before she died, Lil' Chef was 5 and Computer Girl was 2 at the time and I have a fabulous picture of my mom with the girls on this very ride.   It is one of my favorite pictures because of the smile my mom has on her face, they all looked like they were having such a great time.

They played some games and...

won some prizes. 

Of course we ended up with hermit crabs.  Not that we really need another critter over here but it's just something you do.  You go to the beach and come home with a hermit crab. 

Aunt Bonnie and Me.  It was so nice to be able to see her and to catch up a little.

Aunt Bonnie and the kids

I didn't know that they had sharks at Frontier Town! 

While I was in the gift shop, the Hubs had some fun with my new camera.

The loved this shark.  They just thought it was sooo cool to be in the mouth of a shark.

We also had a great time at the park which was down by the pier.  It was so nice that there was so much to do right inside of Frontier Town.  I enjoyed really being able to just relax and do fun little family things instead of always rushing around.  Lord willing, I'd love to go back again nect year!

Howdy Partner!

This was part of the pier.  We walked to the end and saw tons of people catching crabs and fishing.  We were going to do a little crabbing but the rain happened again.

The End!


momtime said...

Looks like a great trip!! Do you have the sweet picture of your mom with the girls? It would be neat to see after your beautiful description. And ohh, how I was with you at the pizza place, sounds delicious!!! Have a blessed day!!

momtime said...

I got so flustered thinking about the pizza, that I didn't even type in all of the words! LOL! I meant to say how I wish I was with you at the pizza place. Sorry about that!


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