Friday, May 14, 2010

Things have been winding down

We are coming to an end of our school year, Praise the Lord!  We have finished MFW, which included Bible, Geography/History, Science, Music and Art.  The girls just have a few more lessons to finish up with their Language Arts and Math. 

I have decided that the girls are going to continue practicing their math facts and keep up their reading this summer.  They are several Summer Reading Programs out there this year,  we are going to participate with the ones for Barnes and Noble, Borders and Book Adventure.

We have several fun reviews that we are getting ready to start on, some of which are science and math based so we will still be learning even though we aren't "doing school."  I love being able to just learn as a family in a fun, relaxed environment.

I definitely want to relax this summer but facts are, my kids are much more well behaved and happier if they have some form of a routine.  So, I would like to come up with a relaxed routine for the summer that includes learning games that we don't always get to, some fun science stuff and like I mentioned earlier, their reading and math facts.  I also would like to hit some of the local museums, take a few day trips and hang at the beach and pool a bit.

I am sure many of you share in this end of the school year joy!  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy learning with my kids but homeschooling is hard work and taking a summer break is SOO nice.  Around the 1st of May each year I am mentally done and ready for summer!  I was really thinking this morning about starting in early August this year, since it is pretty hot and yucky here, and ending late April next year.  Anyone else do this?  I am thinking we could school in the morning, just keeping it simple with mostly our core stuff (Math, Reading & Lang. Arts) and pool in the afternoon. 

Also, I guess I am also going to be rethinking my curriculum choices for next year, I thought I was all set and now I am not to sure. I just really need to pray about it and see where the Lord leads us.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying the slower pace of things and getting ready to have a relaxing  summer!


Joyce said...

This is our 3rd year homeschooling and we have yet to take the whole summer off:) In years past it's been bc I did not feel like we got enough done through the year and "needed" to keep going. This year I just realized, like you, that my children get bored and stir crazy and go totally haywire if they don't have some structure!
So, my plan is to have them continue with core subjects...math, reading, writing through the summer. I may let them have a couple of weeks off here and there....but it's so hard to get out of routine and then back in again. I kinda hate to take too much time off. They are just itching to have a "real" summer break:) But, I love that going over the summer gives us more flexibility in our schedule throughout the year.

Have a great summer!


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