Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Yardsales!

Packed up the 2 boys Saturday morning and headed out for my first yardsale of the season!  I am so excited that yard sale season is upon us yet again!  I love yard sales almost as much as I love crockpots ; ) 

I was headed to this BIG yard sale because they advertised kids clothes.  The man told me he had just GAVE AWAY a huge box of boys clothes.  At first I a little disapointed but then I realized they were just not meant for me. 

I did however get some great new books.  Is it just me or do you just love books!  I got some Magic School Bus books, Stelluna, Is Your Mama a Llama (very cute!), I know a Rhino (also very cute!), 2 Olivia books and several others.  Also, we got several books by Shirley Hughes, never heard of her before but the books looked wholesome and had really nice illustrations. I got them for $.25 to $.50 each, not bad.

I love to get book, househouse goodies and kids clothes!  The Lord has really blessed us with some really great kids clothes at yardsales.  When my oldest was our one and only I found some clothes at a yardsale that were super nice, mostly name brand and exactly 1 year ahead of her.  I talked to the mama and gave her my number and each season she would call me when she had clothes.  I'd go over to her house and buy the clothes that I wanted.  This worked out great for several years until my daughter got taller than the little girl -  that was a big bummer for me at the time. 

I think for 2 or 3 years now I have been pretty much clothing my oldest son from a family up the street.  Whenever I see their yardsale sign go up I try to be there bright and early!  I have gotten my son button up shirts for church, sweaters, unused dress shoes, jeans, pjs and some nice polo style shirts from them.  Most of these clothes are Childrens Place, Polo, Gap, etc.  Most of them look like they have never benn worn.  Yeah, can't wait for her yardsale.  The more I think about it I might just go knock on her door, LOL!

Like I said I just love yardsales!



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