Sunday, April 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I did pull out a few cookbooks to plan my meals for this week, they mostly just sat there cheering me on.  I felt a little inspired but not much.  Still haven't fired the grill up - the weather is hot and then cold and back and forth, hopefully soon!  I do think my first grill of the season will be Kabobs! 

Like I said last week, the hubs is a simple kinda food guy.  When I pulled out the hoagies last week,
I could almost hear the Hallelujah Chorus!  So, I am probably going to be having a hoagie night for a little while.  I am not complaining, it is super easy, just not super healthy IPO!  For my health conscience friends, yes the meats are nitrate free!  The kids loved how I made platters and let them assemble their own sammies

So this what I came up with for the week...

Hoagies w/ Salt & Pepper Chips, Fruit Salad, Veggies w/ Dip

Rosemary Pork Loin w/ Raspberry Sauce w/ Carrots and Potatoes

Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup w/ Tortilla Chips & Sour Cream

Breakfast Night (in the Crocky Pot) Egg & Cheese Bake w/ Bacon and Biscuits & Cantaloupe

Papa J's

Tacos & Corn

Chicken Parmesan over noodles w/ Steamed Veggies



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