Friday, March 12, 2010

What've been up to this last week...

We had to really modify our schooling this past week due to most of us being sick.  I really hate having to waste our days on being sick, we really like to focus on school and finish up our school year by mid May.  But we all needed to take a rest and feel better. 
Since we were on our 2nd week studying China we did try to do some videos on China.  We watched the Inn of Sixth Happiness, which is a movie based on the life of the missionary Gladys Aylward,(very good!) and  The Emperor and the Nightingale.  The kids listened to the book The Empty Pot on CD and we read Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. 
Yesterday, we were able to do some catching up on our reading and such.  We have really been enjoying the very encouraging stories in Hero Tales.  The true stories of these men and women of God have really been encouraging to me and the kids.  We had already watched the Gladys Aylward movie, so yesterday when I read about her in the Hero Tales book the girls came and snuggled next to me and were very into the stories about her.  They had pointed out the differences between the book and the movie, it was one of those moments that I realized they really are "getting it!" To finish up our China study today we are going to read a few more China books, play chinese checkers and order Chinese Food for din-din!
Alot of things fell to the wayside this past week, but I am glad that we were able to take it easy and work on getting better.



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