Saturday, March 13, 2010

So, I guess we are looking for a new pet??!!

You know the story, the kids are begging, signing "I promise to clean and feed said pet for the next 80 years" contacts and promising me their first borns if they can only get a little pet of their very own.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people that are a sucker for animals, at least at first.  So here I am looking for a new pet. I think somewhere between the begging I said ok, well see (mom's famous word's right).  If I hadn't lost it prior to this, I have definitely lost it now... my MIND that is! 
We've done cats, guinea pigs (twice!!), hermit crabs, fish and we currently have three dogs.  Did I mention that one is a small horse rottweiller, oh and yeah she is still a puppy! 
I started our little adventure thinking that we could hang with a turtle, they are simple to care for right?? I am however  not really sure that I can do the whole salmonella thing.  I just have this little thing where I can't stand germs!
Guinea pigs, yeah been there twice.  My daughters really want another guinea pig, but I have flash backs of kale, hay and ME cleaning out the cage.
We had cats and we learned that they live a really long time! I know that is a horrible attitude, I really did love my kitties but 14 years is a LONG TIME, especially when they tend to pee in the house once in a while. (Praise God we have a Carpet Cleaning Business).
Hermit crabs... boring.
Fish, they were pretty cool.  We had 3 tanks going at one time.  One was a mish mash of different fish, one had a HUGE oscar and the last had pirana's (they of course were my hubby's).  The coolness wore off little by little each time I had to clean the tanks.
I am sure if anyone is reading this they are thinking... well, why is she even entertaining this idea.  The short answer I guess is that, like I said, I am a sucker for animals and a glutton for punishment!
So, if you have any critter suggestions please take our poll (providing I put it on here correctly) or post a comment.  Oh, yeah ABSOLUTELY NO SNAKES!  Thanks!


Joyce said...

Hey! I notice turtle is winning....I jus wanted to give my 2 cents. We went to the pet store about 3 yrs ago in search of a turtle....after a hs trip to the arboretum for a turtle expo;) The guy at the store said turtles were not a good idea bc they can snap little fingers! So, he suggested a that is what we came home with. They are very easy to maintain. The hardest thing is going to the pet store to get the crickets...and check to see if the mealworms they eat are available. There was a shortage at some point. We got rid of him bc we never really became lizard people.....but if you have kids that will hold it and stuff they become very friendly and will just hang out with you;) Good luck and you are a good mommy for saying yes! Can't bring myself to agree to the puppy my 6yr wants;)

BKEEFE98 said...

Hey Joyce thanks for commenting! Yeah, not real sure about the turtle between turtle germs and snapping at little kids fingers, it doesn't sound real good.
My kids are BEGGING for for another guinea pig and that probably isn't happening either. My oldest even voted herself, LOL! At this point it might me a goldfish in a coffee cup : )


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