Saturday, March 6, 2010

We Got Mail!

Just like most people we love getting mail! Especially, when it's goodies that I've ordered and have been impatiently patiently waiting their arrival. 

I found out about this educational supplies/games website on one of the mommy blogs I read.  The company is called Educator's Outlet.  They might just be my new favorite place to order from.  I restricted myself to the Blowout Closeout Section only.  I still can't believe all the goodies that I got!  Did I tell you that I only spent $42 and that INCLUDED my shipping!  Yes, $42! 

It was lunch time and I was checking my email and saw an email that FedEx had delivered my package (I have begged the FedEx and UPS men to NOT knock on my door because I have 3 dogs that go nuts and sometimes wake up my sleeping children).  So I, ran to get it casually went and got it.  HOLY SMOKES! I could not believe how big the box was! 

This is what we got (minus the dog)!  When I ordered these things, I guess because they were sooo- cheap, I didn't think they would be full size games. 

  • The Space Explorer Floor puzzle is great.  The older 3 kids have already done it twice. It comes with an info sheet about the different planets.  The planets are all labeled on the puzzle, so after they put it together I'd ask them to find Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, etc...  ($2.25)

  • Dr. Green is a small green house with seeds and dirt pods included.  My kids CAN'T WAIT to do this one!  ($2.25)

  • Ant Town is an ant farm.  It has 3 small containers that connect.  It also has an ant sucker upper, I am sure there is a proper name for it, just don't know what it is. The kids can't wait for this one either.  If anyone has any extra ants hanging around please send them to us, we will pay the shipping.  ($1.75)

  • Memo Spell is a memory spelling game - looks pretty cool but we haven't gotten in to it yet. ($1.50)

  • Math Lotto is a math game that I think all my kiddos can use.  The math problems go up to multiplication, which is great because I have a hard time find stuff for Little Miss Muffet to do. ($4.50)

  • Round Up is a game where you have to keep the wolf from getting your sheep.  Thisis one of those use your brain kinda games.  It will probably go in the workboxes next week for an end of the day treat! ($1.25)

  • Ring-O-Links are super cool!  The links come with cards that direct the child to do activites like sorting, counting and adding.  The kids love this one.  As an added bonus, when they are done counting and sorting they can connect the links together and play jump rope! ($1.75)

  • Alphabet Animals are individual animal puzzles that spell the name of the animal - great for workboxes. ($1.75)

  • The last one is Animal Kingdom, haven't really looked at this one yet but it looks cool.  I think it is like checkers, with a food chain twist. ($1.38)
We also got 2 Spell Bounds ($4.00 each) - they are long spiral books that have 8 spaces for letters that the kids can use to spell out words.  My plan is to let them each do their spelling words on this one day a week instead of writing them. I am very excited about these.
We got lace & trace pictures ($.88), these huge buttons with laces ($2.00), and this Mosasic Peg a Picture Board and Pegs ($2.00), Humpty Dumpty loves these.  

At first Humpty Dumpty was not happy with me for taking a picture of his unfinished project.  But, once he was finished he was more than happy to share his art work.

For the girls I got these bee's wax candle kits, where you make your own candles.  At first, I did wish the wax squares were a  little bigger but once they started playing with them and the fact that I only paid $1.25 for each kit I changed my mind.


Christy said...

Thanks for sharing the link, I placed an order!


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