Thursday, February 11, 2010

Played a Game with SomeBody Today

For the holiday I tried to get several games for the kids that had an educational theme to them.  We have played a few of them but today I we played one of my new favorites!  It is called SomeBody.  The game is all about the human body.  There are 5 different types of games to play with in this one game, which I thought was a huge bonus! 


Basically, each player (up to 4 players) gets a Body Board and a sheet of reuseable body part stickers.  The game that we played was called Build SomeBody.  We each got our body board and stickers and then you take turns answering questions about the human body and if you answer correctly then you get to add a body part to your board.  The person to fill up your body wins. 
One of the questions that stumped me was "What body part stores extra blood?"  The answer, to my surprise was the spleen.  They also have these experiment cards that are fun too!  I got one that have to count your full breaths for one minute to see how many breathes we take in a minute.  One of my girls got an experiment card that had you take 20 baby steps across the room and explained that was the same length of your intestines.
This game was a breath of fresh air for health today.  The girls and I both loved playing it and I am pretty sure it is going to be a favorite.



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