Friday, January 29, 2010

Games and Girl Time

We finished up our school week today, we only school M-F, and I was ready for a little fun.  To end our week of studying Kenya, we watched "Madagascar." Then, this evening after dinner (Taco Topped Potatoes - yummy!) I wanted to play some games with the kids.  We ended up playing a Thomas the Train board game and then a Blue's Clues game.  We had such a good time. We laughed, played and really enjoyed being together.  I feel sometimes I can be so worried about getting school, laundry and housework done that I forget to enjoy my kids.  So, it was nice to just relax and have a little fun. 
After the games we sent the boys upstairs.  I am trying to purpose to have mother - daughter time with my girls on a regular basis.  So, the girls and I had some mother- daughter reading time.  I decided to start reading "The Care and Keeping of You" book with the girls last week. 
The book is a about the changes a young girls body goes thru at the start of and during puberty.  The book talks specially about your skin, hair and body changes plus healthy ways to care for yourself.  Their are a few pictures that I felt led to sharpie marker out but other than that I think it is a good little book.  Of course, it counts for health, what a bonus! 



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