Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids #38 Edible Paint

I know that we've already made Homemade Body Paint for outside play or bath time.  It was such a hit over here that I went searching for another fun way to paint.  Guess what I found??


Homemade EDIBLE Paint! You could do this on poster board, like finger painting or they could paint their bodies. Either way, I am sure your kids will have a ball!

You can head over to Laughing Kids Learn for a full tutorial on how to make your own Homemade Edible Paint. 

Have Fun! 
(You may have noticed that I changed the title of this series from 101 Activities to 50.  Good eye you got there!  I had to downsize due to getting really behind from being sick and life. Thanks for understanding ; )



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