Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up {The Week We Started Paths of Settlement}

This week was our second week back to school.  Last week we just eased back into math and language arts type stuff.  This week we started Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Settlement {POS}.

I haven't mentioned it yet, but we are continuing with Trail Guide to Learning this year, which I am SUPER excited about!  We will be learning about some of the great men and women that helped make this nation great, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as studying the states.

These past two weeks have gone pretty well.  We've been on vacation since Memorial Day, so it had taken the past two weeks to really get back into a routine.  I was really glad the Lord led me to ease back into school verses doing everything on day one.

This is also the first year that I am schooling all four kids, so that was a little bit of an adjustment for me. Little Bits has always done things with us, but now it is for real. {smile}  The girls are pretty independent with a lot of things, so that helps.

This past week with POS we started reading several great books!  As family read alouds we are reading Abigail Adams: First Lady of Faith and Courage (Sower Series) and The Courage of Sarah Noble.  The girls are both reading Ambush in the Wilderness.  My middle school gal was also supposed to start Calico Captive this week, but someone forgot to order it.  It will be here next week. 

We all love the books!  Trail Guide to Learning offers a wonderful selection of books and has never disappointed us. 

We also started our study of the states.  I looks like we are studying two states per week.  This week we learned many important and intersting facts about Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The kids worked on state pages, map and also enjoyed cooking!  

Paths of Settlement encourages you try foods from the different states.  The girls made Scrumptious Beef & Potato Casserole for Connecticut and Boston Cream Pie for Massachusetts, both were delicious!  We have already come across lots of great recipes in Eat Your Way Through the USA, that is actually where our Boston Cream Pie recipe came from.  I decided that I am just going to incorporate recipes from the different states in my meal planning through the year, the goal is one recipe from each state.  My kids are REALLY excited about the cooking part of POS, especially my girls.  

For science, we have all become weather watchers. The kids each made a weather book, basically a front and back cover for the weather observation print outs from POS.  I even let my little guy make a book, his has blank pages to draw a picture for the weather each day {he loves to be big like his siblings}. We set up a rain gauge and outdoor thermometer to help us.  Just this past week we've learned a good deal about how to observe and predict the weather, and some cool facts about our atmosphere.  

All in all, it was a great week!  How was your week?




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