Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids #30 Make Candy & Cream Freezer Pops

Here is a quick and easy treat, that also allows the kids to have a little fun in the kitchen.  Candy & Cream Freezer Pops are sure to have your kids saying "Mom, your the best!" or "Mom, you go relax, I'll do all the laundry today."  Ok, maybe I am getting carried away, a mom can dream, right? 

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Don't these little babies look yummy, Candy & Cream Freezer Pops are sure to be a hit!

{this recipe makes about 15 pops}

  • 1/2 package sandwich cookies {about 12 to 14 cookies}, crushed
  • 15 peanut butter cups, crushed
  • 10 ounces M&M's {about 1 cup}, crushed
  • 1/2 gallon vanilla or chocolate ice cream, slightly softened {Breyer's All Natural is my favorite}
  • Fifteen 5-ounce paper cups - you know, Dixie cup size
  • 15 Popsicle sticks
  1. You have two choices, you can either add a spoonful of the crushed cookies, PB cups and M&M's to have a mixture of flavors going on or you can just do one fixin' per cup.  So, fill your cups about 1/3 -1/2 way full of your goodies.  
  2. Next, fill your cups almost to the top with your softened ice cream.  
  3. Place a popsicle stick into each cup.  Place your cups on a platter or cookie sheet, then place into the freezer until the ice cream has re-frozen.
  4. Once they are completely frozen, tear off the paper cup and ENJOY!  
There are sooo- many different variations that you could do with these. Here are a few more ideas:
  • Banana, Strawberries and Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Hot Fudge, a Cherry and Nuts in the Bottom with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Your Favorite Candy Bar with Complimenting Ice Cream Flavor  

  Have Fun!



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