Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Actvities for Kids # 14 Soda Geyser


This afternoon one of my boys asked if he could make a soda geyser.  I, of course, had to ask what in the world a soda geyser was.  My 7 year old informed me that all we needed was a bottle of soda and mints.  I continued to have the "do what?" face on until I went online to see what my dear son was talking about.

After an hour and a trip the dollar store, we were ready.  We had Mentos and a bottle of soda.  We opened the 2 liter of soda (diet soda is better because it is less sticky) and dropped the Mentos in.  It all happened pretty quickly, but the show was well worth the $2 we spent in supplies.

The Mentos hit the soda and BAM! the soda shot up into the air like a geyser!  The kids, especially the boys (and dad), loved it!!! We also got all education-y and checked out Old Faithful on YouTube. {smile}

You can actually purchase a Geyser Tube to make the soda shoot higher!

I recommend grabbing a few bottles of soda when they are on sale, and an equal amount of Mentos packets to use with them.  While doing one is fun, I wished we had done one for each child.  Maybe even seeing who's bottle shot the highest would have been fun. Another day, perhaps.

Have Fun! 
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Lorus! said...

We've done this and it is fun!

Carole Morgan@ PhD by Publication said...

I love the tip about the diet soda because my kids have wanted to try this as well. I think that this is an awesome idea for a science experiment. Thank you for sharing.


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