Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activites for Kids #11 Homemade Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes!  They are somehow soothing as they clang together in the wind. Plus they just look cool {grin}.

Did you know that you can make your own wind chimes?  Really, honest you can!  

There are several different kinds of  wind chines that you can make.  For instance, you can make really neat ones like this one from I'm Feelin' Crafty.... Here you melt beads and make sun catcher thingies, then use them to make a wind chime.


If you are a recycling family, then you will probably really dig this!  Hands On As We Grow used old cans to make this creative wind chime.

Homemade Wind Chimes the Kids Can Make! 

 The James Family made some really cute wind chimes out of dixie cups and beads.  I really love these, they would look really pretty hanging from a tree.


Which one are you going to make? 

Have fun!



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