Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activities #6 The One With All the Tape

I am not sure what your weather has been like lately, but around these parts it has been rain, rain, rain!! 

Today I am posting a list of indoor activities, for those days when it is raining or way too hot to go outside.  And we are using tape.  You guys have tape, right?

So here goes:


Grab a roll of masking tape, a few markers (washable, just in case) and a marker, coin or small toy of some sort to toss.
It doesn't get much cooler than this!  My boys would LOVE this idea.  I think we are going to build a highway around our Little People houses.

 This is a really neat idea if you are felling crafty.  Grab your tape, paint and head over to The Ohana Mama for directions on making this nifty picture.

Have you all seen the really cool flowers that you can make with duct tape?  I tell ya, I love duct tape!  My girls have made a duct tape rose before.  They have even received a duct taped flower barrette from a friend before.  Heatherly Love has a great Duct Tape Rose tutorial., this would be a great project for teen and tween girls.

This activity is one of those really awesome ones, you know the ones that win you the Mom of the Year Award!  Jamie over at Hands On As We Grow has an awesome idea for an indoor "Spy Game."  I know I have some of that blue tape lying around from an old painting project.

 Be sure to check out all of the Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids that we have posted so far.

Have fun!



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