Thursday, November 15, 2012

Growing Up Wild {Review}


We love reading about missionaries.  It is very exciting to read about how they live, the people they are are sharing the gospel with and how God is using them for His Kingdom. 

Imagine our excitement when we got Growing Up Wild to review for the TOS Crew! 

Growing Up Wild is a video series that consists of 15 episodes spread out over 5 DVD's.  Each DVD also includes an activity guide CD ROM for teachers to use along with the DVD's.

The main characters of this DVD series are the Wild Family.  They are a homeschooling missionary family living in Papua, Indonesia.  Most of the show revolves around the four sons, The Wild Brothers. 

We were given 2 DVD's for review:

Volume 1:
Home Sweet Hut - This episode gave us a glimpse into the home life of the Wild Family.  We got to see their home and how they live.
Supply Trip - Here we got to see how this family in the jungle gets the supplies that they need for everyday life.  It is a lot different then running to the local Walmart, that's for sure!
Sun & Water- We got to see how the Wild family creatively uses the resources around them to have power and running water. 


Volume 4:
Amazing World Around Us - The Wild Brothers explore God's marvelous creatures around them!
Adventures in Culture - This episode gives a very good picture of the Indonesian culture.  The boys learn about war, hunting, red fruit and noise piercing.  Heads up: The boys actually get their noses pierced.
Tribal Calling - The Wild Family shares about how they knew the Lord was calling them to be missionaries to a tribal group. 


We enjoyed watching the Wild Brothers.  It was a lot of fun and very interesting to see how they live and the adventures they have.  I felt that the Growing Up Wild series gave us a wonderful picture of how missionaries live in the jungle.  It was a very good visual for us to have.  It kind of brought missionaries to life!

Growing Up Wild Volumes 1-5 are available for purchase for $18.99 each.  Currently, you can purchase them as a set for $80.99, which is 15% off the total price if they were purchased separately. 

There are lots of other reviews from the TOS Crew about Growing Up Wild.  Check them out!
Disclaimer: We received this product at no charge to us for review purposes only. 



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