Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop - Homeschool Planning

I had to laugh when I typed up the title to my post, because I always feel like I am planning.  My little OCD mind is always planning and tweaking things, or so it seems. 

Even though I always feel like I am planning, I do a major planning session in the summer prior to starting school.  It looks something like this...

First, I search and pray. 
I ask myself if the current path we have been on is working.  If not, why or what is the problem?
I think about the children and their different learning styles.
I figure out what kind of budget I have to work with. 
Since a lot of what we do revolves around our history program, I figure out what time period we will be studying.  I use this as a starting point for our main curriculum. 

Once I have it all figured out {as if that is possible} I start going over our curriculum to get a feel for our year.  Using all in one type curriculum, like Trail Guide to Learning and My Father's World, really take a lot of the guess work and planning time out of the equation.  Both of these programs are pretty much have the year laid out for you, unless you plan on tweaking something. 

I have tried planning out our whole year and writing every thing out in my little planner.  Can I just say, for the record, I only did this one time.  Praise the Lord I know better than to use pen in a homeschool planner {smile}.  Since I learned my lesson on that one, I now only plan one week at a time. 

Usually, I take some time on Sunday evening to fill out my planner and go over our material for the week.  I try to make sure I am prepared and have all our papers printed out for the week.  Planning on a weekly basis has been a much better plan for us, it allows for plans to change and life to happen.

Do you plan for the whole year at once or as you go? 



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