Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Solutions: Kid Friendly Laundry Center

I can not take credit for this fabulous idea.  It was my 11 year old, The Lil' Chef, that came up with it.  We already had the laundry center.  I believe one day I was complaining sharing about how I would just love to get my dear children to sort their clothes, even the little boys.  Out came this great idea....

Please do not judge us by our drawing skills or the piles of laundry.  We simply took a black sharpie drew on each of the three bags.  Here is what we drew:

Whites - T-Shirt, Socks, Undies and Light Pants
Darks - Dark Shirt, Jeans
Towels - Towels, Washcloths


Renee said...

sorting laundry is an easy skill .... even before they know their colors you can hand them the whites and show them the basket, then hand them the darks and show them that basket. We don't have one for towels as we just pull them off the racks once a week


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