Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Meals in One Day Review & GIVEAWAY!

Let me just start off by saying this is my absolute favorite product that I have reviewed, ever!  I have used other meal planning systems before, which I have liked, but 30 Meals in One Day happens to be my favorite!

Now that I have your attention let me tell you about the Dinner is Ready Book and Software Combo set that we got to review, it included the 30 Meals in One Day Dinner Cookbook and the Dinners Software. 
Th cookbook teaches you how to cook 30 meals in one day to stock your freezer.  It includes 150 freezer friendly recipes, great tips on how to cut down on your time and how to be more efficient in bulk cooking.
The software, which was the WOW factor for me, is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!  Not only does it include the recipes from the cookbook, it is a menu/shopping list planner that allows you to add your own recipes, creates menus, shopping lists and freezer labels.  Pure genius! 
The recipes are very family friendly and simple to make.  We have already found several favorites that I have made several times.  Let me share some of the recipes that have made it on to our favorites list so far:
  • Almost Ravioli
  • Beef and Broccoli
  • Cowboy Barbecue - everyone loves this one! The Hubs requests this one weekly, no kiddin'!
  • Biscuit Beef Bake
  • Slow Cooked Goulash
  • Chicken & Biscuits
  • Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Basic Meatballs
  • Chicken Tortellini Soup
30 Meals in One Day has some sample recipes on their website, like Honey Lime Chicken, Bird's Nest Pie, Barbecued Ribs, Oven Stew if you would like to check them out.

I love the flexibility of 30 Meals in One Day.  I have a hard time standing in my kitchen for a really long time, not cause I am lazy it's just because our house is build on concrete.  So it is very hard on my legs and I am just too stubborn to run around my house in shoes all day {smile}.  I really liked that the book made me feel comfortable enough to come up with a plan that worked for me.  I decided to try making 14 meals instead of 30.  I actually did in on a whim, well kinda.

I had made my menu, printed my shopping list and shopped.  My plan was to cook the next day but when I had come home from the grocery store I just decided to make my meals.  It was about 7pm, the kids were getting read y to go to bed so the time seemed right.  I just started cooking all my meat before I put all my groceries that I wasn't using away.  Then I went to it.  It went alot faster than I thought it would, I think I had finished cooking and cleaning up by 10pm or so.  It was a huge blessing to have all those meals ready to heat up because that particular week we were really busy.

One of the things about 30 Meals in One Day that is really flexible and oh so helpful is how the software categorizes the meals.  You can sort them alphabetically, by meal and by type.  I really love to sort them by type!  Let me explain what I mean, all the recipes fit into one the following categories Assemble, Slow Cooker, Oven, or Stove Top.  This simplifies things for me because on the days that we are running and coming home around dinner time, I like to have dinner waiting for us in my handy dandy crock pot!  So when I am planning my meals it is really easy to find the perfect type of meal for a particular day.  And, if I don't find something that suits my fancy for the week, I can add in my own recipe from another cookbook. 

Another thing that I really appreciated and thought was worth mentioning was the recipes them self.  They are easy to follow and easily modified.  Say for instance someone has a food allergy or just a dislike, you can very simply go into the recipe and edit it.  You can also modify amounts of foods that the recipe calls for depending on the serving size that you want. 

I think this would be a huge blessing to any family.  Especially homeschoolers and working mamas who are always tight on time.  Can you imagine taking 15-30 minutes a month and planning out your meals for the month?  Even doing it a week at a time would be a huge burden removed. 

The 30 Meals in One Day would make a great gift for the up coming holidays.  In my humble opinion, every mama should have this set in her stocking this year.  Just saying : )   Did I mention how reasonable priced the book and software combo package is?  Right now it is on sale for $31.95, that includes the software program on cd or by download and a hard copy of the cookbook.

Not only do they have cookbooks and software for dinner meals but they also have them for lunch and sides.  (scroll down).  I would like to get these too!  I get tired of the same old stuff for lunch. 

You can purchase the cookbook or the software if you would prefer to not have them both, but I recommend having both of them. 

30 Meals in One Day is offer a FREE Dinner is Ready Cookbook to one of my readers!  The contest will run until November 14, 2011.  It's really easy to enter! Just let me know how you currently plan your meals, even if it's as you are walking the grocery store isles.  Please don't forget to leave me your email addres so that I can contact you if you are the winner!

Thanks for entering and happy meal planning!

We received the 30 Meals in One Day Book and Software Combo set free for review purposes only.  We were not compensated in anyway for our opinions, we really do love this product! 


The Zookeeper said...

I normally plan a weekly meal with items that was on sale and bought with coupons the week before! One thing I would like to start doing is bulk cooking and putting up for later use. Would love this book! Thanks kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

Wendi said...

I usually do a weekly meal plan every weekend for the next week.

This book looks like it would be a great addition to my cookbook shelf :)

Beeker said...

I try to meal plan by the week, but am not always successful at that. I'd definitely love this book to help me out.

Anonymous said...

I try to plan 2 weeks of menus in advance and shop from that list. It is sometimes hard to remember what is in the pantry (memory problems from disability). This sounds like something that would work great. There are some days I can not function in the kitchen and all we would have to do is take a meal from the freezer! Thanks for this review and the giveaway.

Michelle said...

I'm working on setting up a menu-plan system, but I'm not very motivated. So, I think about the week, and go shopping - usually not planning very well, at all!! Just reading this has motivated me to get back to work on this project!

Anonymous said...

I try to plan a month in advance. I use recipes I found on line, recipes in my recipe book, and what I have in my cabinets and try to plan the most cost effective meals I can. I plan Breakfsat, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. I homeschool my 2 boys (ages 10 & 13 (almost 14). If I don't plan their snacks the yeat all day. I also plan my hubbys lunches and the snacks he takes to work and his snacks at home.

Stacy and David said...

I plan my meals as I look through my freezer to see what meat is frozen. Then I make my grocery list and poll the kiddos to see what they are hungry for.

I am picking up the set for myself now but if I win, my oldest daughter is getting this for Christmas for her family.

Thanks Brandi!

jkmom said...

I try to plan ahead but it usually just works out day by day with whatever is in my stockpile. I keep talking about freezer cooking so I'll have supper ready and it never has happened. Maybe this is an answer! THanks

wdworkman said...

I try to plan a week at a time before I do the grocery shopping, but it only seems to work out about once a month. I would love to have a planning tool like this.

Lynn @ TDHGP said...

We try to plan about a month at a time, but lately it's been more day-to-day. I would really enjoy planning again and this would be an excellent jump-start.
lmcinnis at colin dot edu

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Um, plan meals? UHHH, I don't. lol

I just look and see what we have when it is time for dinner, and if we don't have anything we go out. It really is awful.

I would love this book! A Lot! I did take a class on freezer cooking, but it didn't teach how to do meals.

Jennifer said...

The biggest part that I plan ahead is discussing with my girls what they would like to prepare (usually about once each every 2 weeks) and then making lists of what they need. Other than that I don't plan ahead enough.

Debra said...

Right now, my meal planning consists mostly of seeing what we have in the freezer, then what we have in the pantry, and trying to get creative.

I was very successfully using emealz, but I simply don't have the money to do that much shopping right now.

Sacha @ Home in the Trenches said...

Well I think I have done a little of everything. I have gone to those stores where you make a weeks worth of meals to put in your fridge/freezer at home. I have used emealz (which I think I should go back to) and currently I see what is on sale as I walk down the isles. Most of my recipes I have online somewhere and can access them from my phone while I shop. I would love to have 30 days of meals sitting in my freezer though!!!! You can find me at sacha75 at

Sweetpeas said...

I use a "to do" lists in Cozi to list out 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 suppers, and make sure I have the ingredients on hand for those meals, then each evening I get together with whichever child is my kitchen helper the next day and they can choose from that list what hte next day's meals are (but I get override power so if the fridge is bulging with leftovers I can call for a leftover meal for lunch, or if we have something going on that means we won't be home till 6pm I can veto the supper choice that requires 2 hours cooking time, things like that).


Shanna said...

I do a weekly meal plan...pick a few new recipes and use ingredients I already have.

Becky K. said...

Meal plan? Me? I'm too busy to meal plan. That's why I *need* this! LOL!

Lisa said...

I use

It's a great online menu planning system and recipe book.

Thanks, Lisa

Cristi said...

I plan our meals out at least one week at a time, and sometimes I'm really on the ball and do a whole month.

Gigi Lynn said...

I just rotate through the same old recipes using whatever ingredients have recently gone on sale and for which we've had coupons. It gets boring. So I'm up for trying something new. Thank you!

Erica said...

I would LOVE to try this! Right now I plan and grocery shop for about 5 meals at a time. I use the internet to get recipes.

TaMara said...

I used to be really good about having a weekly meal plan. Now, I open the freezer in the morning (or even at lunch time) and try to throw some things together to make a meal for the day. I could definitely use the book to help me start bulk cooking.
TaMara - hsing4 at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

I usually cook what ever I feel like making. I don't really have a meal plan. On the rare occasions I do plan a weeks worth of meals it is very flexible because my husband is always on call so our plans can change very quickly. I could really use this book.

AmandaSue said...

My family is very disorganized, we just plan earlier in the day what sounds good of whatever is in the pantry and then just make that.

unforgetable_dreamer_always (at) hotmail (dot) com

jennifer-anne said...

I plan meals weekly based on what is on sale. I find this sucks up my whole Saturday night though....this book sounds amazing!

apple blossom said...

I don't really have a meal menu plan

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Lady DragonKeeper said...

I usually plan my meals based on what we have: whether ingredients or leftovers.

Thanks for the chance to win --this meal planner sounds neat!


Charlotte Kay said...

I plan for the week each weekend gathering the recipes I will need as well as cooking a soup or two ahead to fill in if needed.
I would love to win this after reading the review.
Charlotte Kay
Charlovesmark at gmail dot com

Shonda said...

I look at what I have a plan menus around that. I would LOVE to make 30 meals and not have to cook daily.

Donna said...

I used to do a weekly meal plan but I've kind of been slacking lately. I really enjoy bulk cooking though- 2 lasagnas at once, etc. It's so convenient to have a meal in the freezer when you are starving and lazy.

something frugal at yahoo dot com


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