Friday, October 7, 2011

Links I Love...Fall Decor

If you have not been on Pinterest yet, may I ask what in the world you are waiting for??  I am not on there all the time but always find amazing stuff when I am.

Today I have been on the couch way more hours than I care to count.  Not because I am being lazy but I am sick and feel miserable.  So while my kids entertain themselves and pull out almost every toy we own in the process, I decided to do some mindless searching on the internet. 

I am helping to decorate for our homeschool support group's Fall Dinner this week.  I had a few ideas but decided to check out Pinterest for some more.  Here are some of my favorite fall decor links that I found. 

Like this gorgeous pumpkin topiary!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  Yvonne at Stone Gable has a simple tutorial to make them.  She actually has lots of great ideas and the RECIPES, oh how they make my mouth water. 

I have done cranberries & water in mason jars before for the Fall/Winter season but I really like the added greenery. Simple yet very elegant.

This is too Cuuute!  You can find them on Etsy bit I think I am going to make some of my own for the Fall Dinner.  I think these would make a great center piece.

I found this over at The Heart of a Home.  Let me just say that whoever this center piece really belongs to should count themselves lucky that I don't know where they live.  I would be the lady knockin' on the door saying, "Hi, excuse me, can I buy that!" (people in real life will get this)

I haven't pulled out my fall decor yet, I am still trying to get thru switching clothes.  But I have found lots of great ideas for when I do!


The Adventurer said...

I signed up for pinterest but I haven't figured out how to use it yet:( I love the things you found:)


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