Friday, September 2, 2011

TOS Crew: Nature Nuts Game

We love all things nature!  Whether it be birds, animals, plants, bugs or anything else that the Lord created, we are all about it!  So when we were asked if we wanted to review the Wise Alec: Nature Nuts, Travel Game and Expansion Set by Griddly Games we were all very excited. 

Griddly Games also has a Wise Alec board game, that Nature Nuts can be an expansion set to.  We, however, are just viewing Nature Nuts as a travel game. 

I want to first say I was impressed with the packaging of this game.  That might sound a little lame, but if I am supposed to be able to travel with this game and four kids it needs be durable, which it most certainly is.  It comes in a sturdy, narrow box that stays closed by a magnet, very smart idea I might add.  There are no directions to lose because they are printed right on the inside of the box.  There are 200 playing cards and a dice which stay nicely tucked away when not in use by a clear plastic cover.  Now that I have all my Type A reader's attention : ) let's move on to the fun stuff! 

Nature Nuts comes with 200 Cards:
  • 50 Animals Trivia Cards
  • 50 Plant Trivia Cards
  • 50 Earth Trivia Cards
  • 50 Wise Alec Cards
Each of the trivia cards has 2 levels of questions on it so that younger children can play along with the older kids and adults.  For instance one of the Animal Trivia Cards has these two questions:

  • Reptiles have these covering their skin.  What are they?   Answer: scales/scutes
  • Some animals disguise themselves to look like more dangerous ones. What is this called?  Answer: mimicry
As you can see there is a big difference in the levels.  Which I think is great for a family style game, it makes it challenging to the older players as well as the younger. 

The way that you play Nature Nuts starts off this like:
  • Get a pen and paper to keep score. 
  • Then decide on a point goal to place towards depending on how long you would like to play.
  • Roll the dice.  Depending on what color you roll, this tells who will draw a card for you and what kind of card is going to be drawn.  You will then be asked your trivia question. 
  • If you roll the color purple then you get to pick up a Wise Alec card, and look out if you do.  Those Wise Alec cards can have you doing exercises, brainteasers or tongue twisters and winning or losing points in the process!
  • The winner is the first person to meet the point goal!
We think the Wise Alec cards are neat, they really add a lot of fun to the game!  They have you do things like:
  • Do your best bird call.
  • Name 3 Mammals.
  • Repeat this 5 Times - Six Sleek swans swan swiftly southwards.
  • Do your best impression of a monkey.
  • Do your best shadow hand animal complete with sound effects.

This game is simple, yet lots of fun.  It would be great to take on at trip.  Nature Nuts would be great for family game night or to play for science.  It would also make a great family gift for the holidays!

You can purchase you own Wise Alec: Nature Nuts Travel Game from Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping. You can also check Griddly Games' website for a local store near you.

If Nature is not your thing, but you like the sound of the game, have no fear!  They have a Sport's Buff and a Civilize This! version available as well as the full Wise Alec Game.

Hope you all enjoy this game as much as we have!

We received Wise Alec: Nature Nuts free of charge for review purposes.  We were not in any way compensated for this review and the opinions expressed here are my own.


Jennifer said...

That does sound like a nice setup for a travel game. We have had pieces of games lost because little bits fell between car seats.


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