Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bit of Friday Fun!

The kids and I had a great day on Friday.  It was busy but lots of fun! 

We started our day with a trip to the dentist.  The Lil' Chef and Little Bits had dental check ups and cleanings.  Computer Girl and Alpha Boy had their appointments last week.  I am happy to report we had NO CAVITIES!  Yippee!

First time to the dentist.  He didn't like it but he didn't scream.  That's a plus, right?!

All clean!

Checking out the chompers.
After the dentist I was going to take the kids to one of our favorite local parks, but I stumbled on a new park while I was in route.  Well, it isn't a new park, but new to us.  I really loved this park.  It has all my favorite park elements - not crowded, shade and cool slides, swings and climbing equipment.  The kids really liked it too, BTW. 
This was the merry go round.  Pretty cool except for the kids kept falling off.  Of course they were having too much fun to care about that. : )

Alpha Boy had just finished using the mega phone.

The Lil' Chef just climbed up to the top and was pretending to claim the land.
Once we got home from the park, we had lunch and then went to the pool for a few hours.  I really enjoy hanging at the pool with the kids.  They are finally at the age where we can all go into the big pool together as long as I hold Little Bits.

Relaxing during rest period.

We got a silly picture in before I took the "nice" picture.

I took this picture in front of a really old tree that had very cool roots.
The boys were kind enough to water my legs for me.

The girls.

Playing in the pool.  Our pool has an awesome little persons pool.

Being at the pool and park wore everyone out so we came home and watched a movie until The Hubs got home.  

It was a great way to end our first week back to school.  We all had a chance to relax and recharge.


Jackie said...

What a great way to ease back into the school routine. It looks like everyone was having lots of fun. We never really ease back into a school routine since we school year round (Time4Learning). We do take it a little easier during the summer though.

Best wishes for a successful 2011-12 year.

Mom to a very active teenager who doubles as a bright right-brained learner.


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