Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School! Well sort of.

I have gone back and forth with the idea of going back to school in August, mainly since it is so hot and my kids don't really play outside during the day anyway.  I figured out that if we stick closely to my school schedule this year we will be done by May 1, which is just about the time I am mentally done anyway.  However, I also know that this is my plan and it may not be the Lord's.  So we shall see : )

This is Little Bits, he was sorting bears.  He loves to do this.
This year we finally did it!  We started some school this past Monday.  I decided that we aren't going to get back to everything right away, just the basics and some reading.  Right now we are working on phonics, grammar and math.  We have continued reading through the summer and Bible is not considered school for us so we've been doing that all along anyway.

Alpha Boy had just finish a letter matching game, which he really enjoyed.  Not real sure why he was being camera shy.  I just love how kids think as long as they close their eyes, no one can see them.

"Fine Mom, I'll smile." 
My goal for us is to school in the morning and then still have time to play in the afternoon and evening.  We are also not schooling on Fridays except maybe for some math, so there is still plenty of time left over for play. 

Computer Girl doing her Daily Grams.
So far the kids are enjoying Easy Grammar, it is a nice switch from Abeka.  Although I am still trying to figure out if I am going to have them do the Easy Grammar Workbook AND the Daily Grams.  Any input on this would be appreciated. 
Little Bits was 'playing school" with his big sister.
As far as math goes, The Hubs and I decided that instead of going full force with our math books we need to take some time to brush up on our math facts, well not us but the kids.  You know how it goes, kids always seem to forget some of their math facts during the summer, at least our kids do.  I sometimes wonder if all that pool chlorine sucks them right from their brains.   Just wondering.

Having fun and gettin' creative!
For reading, the kids and I are working on The Hedge of Thorns and some books about birds.  The boys get a HUGE stack of books to browse through before their naps and the girls are each working on their chapter books.

The Lil' Chef brushing up on her drawing skills.

The girls also started their Draw to Learn: The Life of Jesus books this week and I think they are wonderful!  They are not that into them yet, but maybe in time they will learn to love them.  Regardless I am going to have them persevere through them because I think they are great for a personal devotional!

P.E. - They love to jump on the trampoline.  Today they jumped FOREVER, they did relay races and turned the back yard into an obstacle course. 
With it still being summer, I haven't been setting the alarm clock, instead we've been sleeping in a little.  We are getting things done but just a little later in the day than I would like, still I have vowed to not to start setting the alarm until after Labor Day.

Most of us LOVE bugs.  We like to collect them and check them out for a few days before letting them go.  This week we got to watch a mom and baby leaf bug.  They were really cool.  This of course opened the door to going online and looking up many different bugs.  We even enjoyed watching a dancing stick  bug on Youtube.
I am still working on getting used to schooling 3 people this year and keeping Little Bits busy at the same time.  Alpha Boy did some school last year, but he wasn't technically in kindergarten yet, so it wasn't every day.   
My plan has been to do school with Alpha Boy, Computer Girl and then The Lil' Chef.  I feel like Alpha Boy and Computer Girl need to school early while they are happy, have energy, and are focused.  If they do their school later I can tell a big difference in their attitudes and their performance. 

The Lil' Chef is the type that is up and doing school before my feet hit the floor, most days.  She is very self motivated but I still need to help her with some math and grammar.  As soon as I wake up, and I really mean AS SOON AS, she wants my help.  This has been difficult because I like to first at least have a cup of coffee with in arms reach.  Then, I like to make them breakfast and while they eat, I read Bible. So at this point, I am just still trying to figure out  going to pray about where to place every one's "mom time" for school. 

Anyone else start school this week? How did it go? 


Joyce said...

Alabama Public schools start back August 8th. That was my plan until we got into redoing the big grits bedroom. They are still living out of our game I guess I better put it off for another week. Not to mention not all my curriculum is here. Hoping for August 15th as our start date.

Joyce said...

Oh, I meant to say kudos to you for getting an early start:)

TaMara said...

Found your blog through the MFW Blog Roll. We're also doing RtR this year (with a little 1st grade and pre-k thrown in as well).


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