Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Children's Miracle Music

We were blessed with the opportunity to review Children's Miracle Music with our kids.  Children's Miracle Music is a wonderful new way to get chores done around the house.

As a momma of 4, sometimes I can feel like the maid in my home.  I expect my kids to help out with chores but no matter what chore chart we have used I am still constantly having to remind my kids to do this and do that.  It is very frustrating to repeat myself over and over.  Enter Children's Miracle Music and you have a whole new world!!  Really!

I explained to my kids that we were going to have certain areas in the homes where they will each do "Acts of Kindness" instead of chores!  One of the goals of Children's Miracle Music is for the children to take ownership in their area or "Act of Kindness" and keep up these areas out of love and kindness for others in the family.

Here is what I really like about Children's Miracle Music:
  • It is SO easy!  You pop in a CD and your on your way to a clean home!  Depending on if you are doing the morning or evening CD determines what the CD directs you to do.  Like in the morning you make your bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and do your act of kindness.  In the evening you do your act of kindness, get in your pj's, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and say your prayers. 
  • Chores have never been so fun!!  While you are doing your acts of kindness, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, etc you are doing it all to the tune of fun and upbeat music.  For instance, you get 1 song to brush your teeth and 3 songs to do your act of kindness.  It is amazing what you can accomplish in 3 songs!
  • My evening act of kindness (yes, I play too!) is the kitchen and the music really helps everyone, even ME, to get things done.  It really puts a fast pace on getting things done around here which is great cause it gives us more time to PLAY!
  • Did I mention the game board?!  Yep, there is a really neat game board that you can hang on the refrigerator or wall.  Everyone has their name on the board and each morning and evening the kids get to add points for each thing that they have done. 
  • I am sure that you are wondering what the points are for.  Well, this is one of the best things about Children's Miracle Music kids earn points, not money, and the points get used to go on special dates with Mom and Dad.  Once the kids get 100 points then they have earned a date.  These can be as simple as playing games together one night or going out for ice cream.  I love how this builds parent/ child relationships. 
  • Children's Miracle Music also helps build teamwork.  I took their suggestion and paired an older child with a younger child.  The older child helps the younger child with everything that they need to do from brushing teeth, making beds to doing their acts of kindness.
 We really love Children's Miracle Music and I totally recommend it!! 

Order quote

  • 4 CD's (2 for the morning and 2 for the evening)
  • 1 Game Board with Dry Erase Marker
  • 1 DVD - Secrets To A Transformational Family
 Please know that Children's Miracle Music was given to us free of charge for review purposes only.  I was not influenced by the free product or the company.  We liked Chilren's Miracle Music so much that I became an affiliate for them, so if you purchase through my site I will earn a small percentage back which would be a real blessing!



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