Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOS Crew: Yesterday's Classics


We love to read here in the LSG house.  I think I have even said a time or two that I am a collector of books : ) I love to have great books available for our reading pleasure or for topics we are studying.  So, when I was asked if we wanted to review Yesterday's Classics for the TOS Crew, my answer was "You bet we do!"

Yesterday's Classics is a company that republishes classic literature for children.  They have taken books from the golden age of children's literature, 1880-1920, and republished them into easy to read paperback and e-book formats.   Many of the books that they have republished were otherwise out of print.  Children's literature from this time period is generally wholesome, educational and very enjoyable. These stories are like little lost treasures that have been found!

Yesterday's Classics offer a large variety of books, 225 different books to be exact.  Topics include:
  • History Books - from different time periods, such as Ancient Civilization, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and the Middle Ages, and American History
  • Poems
  • Literature
  • Faith and Bible Stories
  • Fables and Fairy Tales
  • Nature Studies
  • Hero Tales
  • Children from Around the World
We were blessed with all 225 Titles from Yesterday's Classics in the ebook format to review. (You can see the complete list of titles available on Yesterday's Classics website)  While we were not able to read and view them all, here are some of our favorites:

by Harriette Taylor Treadwell
This reading primer includes classic stories like The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Man and Chicken Little.  I love the fun and simplicity of these classic stories for the little ones. 


A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book One
by Ada Skinner
There are actually 3 volumes in this collection.  Each volume is filled with poems, lullaby's, rhymes and lyrics for the children to enjoy.  Wonderful for memory work!


The Natural History Story Book
by Ethel Talbot 
This is a fabulous collection of stories about some of the most interesting animals in the world.  Children will read about man's encounters with elephants, ostriches, ant eaters, wild boars and many more from the nineteenth century.

The Burgess Bird Book for Children
by Thorton Burgess
Here you will read about a variety of birds, as seen through the eyes of Peter Rabbit.  Learn about different birds, their nesting habits and food preferences. 
You will meet new friends such as Jenny Wren, Scrapper the King-bird, Redwing the Blackbird, and many more.

Saints and Heroes Since the Middle Ages
by George Hodges 
In Saints and Heroes you will read stories about great Christian men such as Calvin, Luther, Knox and Bunyan.  We will be studying the Middle Ages next year and I am looking forward to getting in this book more.


If you have have ever tried to build a home library with good children's literature, then you are well aware that it is not cheap to do so. Tracking down great books at bargin prices (online, yard sales and book sales) is not always an easy task, either.  From May 1st to May 31st Yesterday’s Classics is offering the 225 Book Collection in either Kindle and EPUB format for the sale price of $99.95.

I think it is a great deal to purchase the whole collection for several reasons:
  • The price is phenomenal!!  If you purchase all 225 books for $99.95, that is like $.44 per book! 
  • You will have a wonderful selection of books, mostly living books, that are great for independent reading, read a louds, memory work, and studies in history and science.
  • I love that they are in e-book format.  Not sure about you, but if I were to purchase 225 paperback books I would have to go but a new bookcase or two!  I like how the e-book version take up now space in my home. 
If you would like to order Yesterday's Classics 225 Titles you may purchase them on sale, here.

You can also read what other TOS Crew Members have to say about Yesterday's Classics.

Please note that we received the 225 Ebook Collection from Yesterday's Classics at no charge, for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed here are mine, and I was not influenced by the company or the free product.

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