Friday, May 20, 2011

TOS Crew: Wordy Querty

The year is coming to a close for us, so it was nice to take a break from our regular spelling lessons to try out Wordy Querty for the TOS Crew.


Wordy Querty is an online computer program that teaches spelling and reading.  It was created by Talking Fingers, the same folks that created Read, Write and Type.  Wordy Querty is actually the sequel to Read, Write and Type, but can be used on it's own.  Wordy Querty was created to take children to the next level, after learning how to read, write and type new words in the first program, Wordy Querty teaches them how to spell them correctly.

Wordy Querty is intended for children in 2nd to 3rd grade.  The purpose of Word Querty is to improve phonetic skills and help children learn how words are constructed, which actually helps them when they are reading and writing.

The Wordy Qwerty program has 20 lessons, with six activities per lesson.  According to the Talking Fingers website, the following foundations are taught with in the program:

  1. Some sounds can be represented in several different ways.
  2. Most words follow about 20 easy spelling rules.
  3. There are many word families, (words that sound the same, or rhyme). By changing the first letter(s), you can make hundreds of words.
  4. Some words are "outlaws". They don't follow the rules. They must be recognized quickly and automatically.
  5. Writing to dictation develops vocabulary, comprehension and fluency as well as spelling skills.
  6. Reading (and filling in missing words) develops vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency skills.

 The 20 lessons in Wordy Querty teach the following Spelling Rules:

  1. Silent E
  2. Sounds of C
  3. Sounds of G
  4. J or DGE
  5. W or WH
  6. C or K
  7. CK or K
  8. CKS or X
  9. CH or TCH
  10. LL, SS, FF, ZZ
  11. OI or OY
  12. VE Words
  1. Open Syllables
  2. Double Consonants
  3. Doubling rule
  4. ER, IR, OR, UR, EAR
  5. I Before E
  6. Plurals: Add ES
  7. Plurals: Y to IES
  8. Plurals: F to VES


I thought that hte program was pretty impressive.  I had Computer Girl (2nd grade/7 yrs old) using the Wordy Querty, and she really enjoyed it.  One thing that I thought was pretty funny was that with Wordy Querty and Read, Write and Type the Lil' Chef wanted to get in on the action.  She enjoyed playing the games just as much as Computer Girl.  I thought it was a great idea because it was kinda like a refresher course for the spelling rules that she has already learned.


We have enjoyed both programs and I do recommend them.  I can't at this point say that I would rely solely on these programs for phonics and spelling BUT they definitely make WONDERFUL supplements.

Let me tell you how you can get Wordy Querty and Read, Write and Type for your very own.  You have a few options that you can choose from.
You can purchase a 5 year Online Home Subscription for up to five users, the price ranges from $25.00 to $100.  
- The second option is to purchase the CD editions.  Read, Write and Type costs $79.00 and Wordy Querty costs $35.00.
- The last option, which I think is the most economical, is the K-4 Reading Bundle for $99.00.  Here is what is included:
  • 1 READ, WRITE & TYPE program CD
  • 1 WORDY QWERTY program CD
  • 1 Activity Binder
  • 1 set of Reward Stickers
  • 1 Practice Keyboard
  • One 24" x 36" Poster
Please take a minute to check out what others on the TOS Crew are saying about Wordy Querty HERE.  

We were given an online subscription to the Wordy Querty program at no cost to us.  Please know that we were not influenced by the free product and that the opinions stated here are my own. 



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