Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Solutions: How to Cheer Up a Child with the Sickies

If you have read my blog for atleast a week or two you probably know that we are sick all the time.  So in keeping with our monthly tradition, last week 3 of the 4 kids here in the LSG house were sick. 

It started with Computer Girl, then the Lil' Chef and last but not least Alpha Boy.  Alpha Boy seemed to have it the worst.  He had a fever for a few days and slept thru the day for two days in a row.  My little alpha Boy was really sick! 

With Alpha boy laid out on the couch I felt really bad for him. Then it hit me, a Sick Basket!!  I took an empty container and filled it with things that I thought he would enjoy having on the couch with him and hopefully cheer him up.  I put a bunch of books in there along with his Leapster & cartridges, his water bottle, a puzzle, a Rescue Hero, a small Superman, pen and paper and  a BELL! 

I think my little basket turned out great, except for the BELL.  Good night, what was I thinking!  I mean really, what mother in her right mind gives a bored little boy, that is laid out on the couch, with nothing better to do a BELL?!!

I do believe the little Sick Basket cheered him up : ) 
I even put new batteries in the Leapster for my boy.

See what I'm saying.  You can't hear it, but trust me, that bell was a ringin!

Do you have anything special that you do for a child with the sickies?


Joyce said... are a good Mommy! Great idea! I know he was thankful. Praying he gets better quick!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What a great idea!!!

I bought my sister a pretty pewter 'call bell' like they have at front desks for offices when she had her wisdom teeth removed. Thankfully she was old enough not to abuse it too badly! :)

Stacy and David said...

Great idea! I also list (or draw pictures if needed) the foods or drink choices in the kitchen. Popsicles, Jello, and applesauce are always hits.


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