Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TOS Crew: Maestro Classics

We were blessed to receive the Peter and the Wolf audio CD from Maestro Classics to review for the TOS Crew.  I can remember liking Peter and the Wolf as a child, so I was glad to be able to introduce it to my kids.


Peter and the Wolf is children's story that was written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936.  It is about a boy named Peter who lives with his grandfather.  Young Peter disobeys his grandfather, climbs over the garden gate and runs into the very wolf that his grandfather had warned him about.  With the help of his friends, the duck, the bird and the cat the wolf is captured and taken to the zoo.

This musical story includes a narrator and orchestra, more specifically Stephen Simmon as conductor, Yadu as narrator and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, who I felt did a fantastic job introducing us to Peter, his friends, and the wolf.


All of the characters in the story are represented by a musical instrument:
  • Peter: Violin
  • Bird: flute
  • Duck: oboe
  • Cat: clarinet
  • Grandfather: bassoon
  • Wolf: French horns
  • Hunters: woodwind theme, with gunshots on timpani and bass drum
Maestro Classic's Stories in Music are a wonderful way to introduce children, that may be somewhat reluctant, to classical music.  The story and instruments definitely draw you in and create an interest to hear more.   The Stories in Music are wonderful for family listening, as well as for homeschoolers. 


This audio CD, which has about 68 minutes of playing time, not only includes Peter and the Wolf, but several extras:
  • Introduction
  • Peter and the Wolf - with Narrarator and Orchestra
  • About the Composer - Prokofiev
  • A Russian Peter
  • About the Music
  • Peter and the Wolf - Instrumental Version
  • Invitation to Gradfather's Party
  • Kalinka

You may listen to samples HERE.

For $16.98 you will receive the Peter and the Wolf CD along with a 24 page booklet, that includes lots of educational extras and fun games.  We really liked the one that has you match up the character in the story to the instrument that represents it. 

The Stories in Music series includes several other stories:

The Tortoise and the Hare
The Story of Swan Lake
Juanita the Spanish Lobster
Casey at the Bat
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

Each of the Stories in Music CD's are also available for $16.98.

To see what my fellow crew mates are saying about Maestro Classics please click HERE.

We received the Peter and the Wolf audio at no charge for review purposes.  Please know that this has not included my opinions about this product. 


Maestro Classics said...

Hi Brandi,

Thanks for the wonderful review of our Peter and the Wolf CD this winter. I just wanted to let you know that since you reviewed our CD we've made a Facebook page so that our fans can participate in monthly giveaways (June was Peter and the Wolf, as a matter of fact) and get coupons. We'd love to invite you and your readers to join our page and thanks again for the lovely review!

Social Media Coordinator
Maestro Classics


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