Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If it's not one thing....

I know I have been a little quiet over here.  I have not been feeling super great, I have like a upper respitory infection/cough thing going on.  On top of that lovely news I have a virus in both of my eyes, not pink eye.  Friday I went to the eye doctor and was told that in addition to taking medication for my eyes I am NOT allowed to wear my contacts for a while.  And IF I should decided to go back to them they need to be the kind that I dispose of daily. 

Did he really just say IF???  I have been wearing contacts since I was like 10.  I really do not function well with glasses on.  Truly, it is a different way of seeing and I am VERY used to my very much loved contacts.   When I told him this, he politely smiled and told me I had been spoiled. 

So, off I go for a new pair of glasses, with transition lenses because my eyes are even more sensitive to the light that usual due to this lovely little infection that I have going on. 

Once I got my new glasses I realized that the prescription was off.  I am having a hard time seeing street signs, billboards and of course my computer screen.  Yes, my computer screen.  See how I am squinting to see what it is I am typing.  No fun at all!!

Back to the doctors I went for the correct prescription and now of course that means I am waiting for my new glasses.  Prayerfully these will be better for my eyeballs.  : )


Joyce said...

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Hopefully it will all be worked out with your new glasses!

wdworkman said...

I can understand - I've worn contacts forever and take them out about once a month. Hope the new glasses work well.
Janet W


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