Monday, December 13, 2010


We were pretty excited to hear that we would be reviewing the ALEKS online math program for the crew. I have always thought once math got a bit to hard for my brain to handle we would end up with an online program, so I was glad to be giving that a whirl.


ALEKS, which is short for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces, has courses for grades 3-12.  I decided to have the Lil' Chef use the LV 4 Mathmatics with Quicktables with this program instead of her regular workbook.  Let me tell ya, she LOVES it!  The Lil' Chef really likes computer games so this was right up her alley, I think it also breaks the monotony from workbooks.

I have already concluded that she likes, and does best with a spiral method of learning math.  She does not do well with working on the same thing day after day.  The way that the ALEKS program works is, at first the student takes an assessment test.  ALEKS then figures out what the student knows and doesn't know. The areas in math that the child has not yet mastered are the areas in which ALEKS focuses on.  The program automatically knows what the student is ready to learn. 

Once you have taken your assessment test and start the program, ALEKS gives the child a pie chart which tells them what they need to be working on and how much of that particular area they have already mastered or completed.  The Lil' Chef enjoyed being able to choose an area of math to work on each day.   As she worked on each topic if she needed help on a problem there was an explain button as well as a more practice button.  ALEKS is very much geared toward the independent student. 

This the student pie chart.  The dark part of the pie shows what the student knows
and the lighter part shows what they need to work on.

Facts are, math is not my strongest subject so I really liked not having to struggle through math with her, I knew that it was all taken care of once she had done ALEKS.  She was able to work with in her grade level as well as practice her multiplication tables by using the Quicktables feature and I knew that ALEKS was correcting and keeping track of what she knew and what she still needed to learn.   I really appreciated the weekly progress reports that I received right in my email box, a wonderful thing to print out and stick in our math folder.  

From the master account I can get view student reports, assign quizzes and make course changes if necessary.

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to review for ALEKS and I would highly consider doing this next year, at least for the Lil' Chef, but it is a little expensive for us to spend on one subject for one child.  For one student the cost is $19.95 per month, $99.95 for 6 months or $179.95 for 12 months and they do offer family discounts if you enroll multiple children.   I do recommend ALEKS and feel that it is a great math program.  The conveniences that the program offers may well be worth the extra money, if a family can afford the expense. 

Here is a VIDEO TOUR that shows you what ALEKS is all about.  If you think that ALEKS would be a good fit for your family but your just not sure, you can TRY ALEKS for FREE!   The trial offer lasts for 30 days, which is a good amount of time to see what you think! 

We were provided with free access to the ALEKS program for review purposes only.  We were not paid in any way for this review and the opinions stated here are my own. 



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