Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade Holidays #4 - Busy Bible

The fourth gift idea that I would like to share with you all is the Busy Bible.  My children, especially the boys, L O V E it! 

The Busy bible is a beautifully, handmade cloth interactive bible story book.  I do not think that I can even come up with the proper words to describe the quality of this book.  It is SOOO- nicely made, I just could not believe that it was handmade.  I think the website describes it best when they say that it is of heirloom quality. 

Each page of the Busy Bible has something FUN and QUIET for the children to do.  This is a perfect thing for a toddler to sit and do, Little Bits likes to play with it during his quiet/nap time.  Many times Alpha Boy has taken it to church and goes thru it quietly during the service.  Be it at church, at home, or in the car, this is sure to entertain your little ones.  Since it comes with it's own carrying case, it would even be a great thing to take for the kids to do at the doctor's office.

The Busy Bible contains 12 pages full of activities that help reinforce Old and New Testament Bible stories:
  • Creation Globe- Once you open the Busy Bible you will find a colorful Earth with 6 flaps that you can open to see all of the things that the Lord has created, this was taken from Genesis chapter 1.
  • Noah & The Ark - Next you have an ark with 3 animal pairs that your child can place inside the ark, as told in Genesis chapters 6 and 7.
  • The Pillar of Salt - In Genesis 19:24-26 Lot, his wife and two daughters are leaving leaving Sodom and Gomorrah.  Even though they are told not to look back, Lot's wife does and God turns her into a pillar of salt.  Here, the wife can be taken out and turned around, this turns her into a pillar of salt.
  • Joseph's Coat of Many Colors - In Genesis chapter 37, Jacob shows his love and favoritism towards Joesph by giving him a beautiful coat of many colors.  Here Joseph has a colorful coat that the children can button on him or button on the page right next to him.
  • Baby Moses in the Bulrushes - This page has a baby Moses that can be put in or taken out of his basket taht is hiding behind tall grasses.  We were actually reading about Moses this past week and when I read this portion of scripture, Alpha Boy jumped up from the table and ran and got his Busy Bible to show me Moses in the basket.  So they definitely do make the connection.
  • Ruth Gathering Grain - As in Ruth chapter 2, Ruth is gathering grain in the fields.  There are 4 bundles of grain (yarn) that can be picked from the field and tucked into her basket.  My kids really like this one!
  • King Solomon's Treasures - The page has King Solomon and some his fine treasures.  There is a treasure chest with paper money and jewels that can be taken out and played with.  Another favorite page of my kids.
  • Jonah and the Great Fish - From Jonah chapter 1, this page is a BIG FISH with a super cute zipper mouth.  Little Bits loves to zip and unzip and put Jonah inside the BIG FISH!
  • The Birth of Jesus - The verse listed on this page is Luke 2:1-7, there is also a manger scenee with Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the 3 Wise men and animals.  The figures can be put on the front of the manger or tucked inside for easy storage when not being played with.
  • Peter Fishing - This page features Peter  fishing from his boat, he has his net thrown into the water.  There are 5 fish that you can place in the net or snap them onto the page.  The is probably Little Bit's FAVORITE page to do.  He loves the little fish and snapping and unsnapping them.  The scripture that this was taken from is Mathew 4:18-20.
  • The Good Samaritan -From Luke 10:30-34, there is an injured man, the Good Samaritan, a donkey and lots of band aids!  Yes, fabric band aids!  They are totally adorable!  Here you can be the Good Samaritan and put your band aids on the man's boo-boos.  All the kids like this one!
  • Dorcas Make a garment - As in Acts 9:39 we have Dorcas.  She has made a beautiful dress, and we get to lace and tie it for her. 
  • The back of the book has a picture of 3 crosses on Calvary.
They love the fish!

The Busy Bible is made partly from fabric and partly from felt.  I love how the book is binded together with a red ribbon, it is very cute.  

This book is full of detail and is very worth the $42.95 price.  The Busy Bible is made for children ages 3 and up. 

The order you own Busy Bible please call Judy directly at 407-671-7972 and she will give you a $5.00 discount if you mention my review!  These would make a fabulous gift for the holidays.

Another one playing with the fish. 

This product was given to us for review purposes.  The opinions expressed here are my own and I was not paid in any way to sway my opinions.



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