Thursday, October 21, 2010

TOS Crew: Soli Deo Gloria Map Skills

We received a copy of the Map Skills from Soli Deo Gloria to review for the TOS Crew.  After reading over the book and printing out all of the pages necessary for use I was not really impressed.  BUT after working thru some of the lessons with the kids I changed my mind. 

The map skills book suggests that you purchase a separate workbook to complement the map lessons, we did not do this.  The girls and I simply worked thru the lessons.
Here are some things we enjoyed:
  • I really liked how they Incorporated scripture into some of the lessons. 
  • My girls really enjoyed using sticky notes to label north, east, south and west on the walls in our home.   The second time around I had them do it blindfolded, just for fun.
  • The girls LOVED playing Directional Simon Says.  They had to do things like, jump 5 times towards the north, walk backwards going south and crawl to the west wall of the room. 
  • They also liked making a "map" of their room.  I made them sit at opposite sides of the room so that there would be no copying.  It was so funny how the girls made their maps so differently. 
  • I liked all the hands on activities that were suggested, like designing a playground, making an edible map and a treasure hunt.  I think these activities will really help them to retain what they have learned.
  • I was glad the kids liked it.  Even when we were finished the map skills book the Lil Chef said to me, I hope that we are doing that map skills book again!
Things I wasn't real crazy about:
  • I didn't like that it is only a 3 week study.  For the price, $14.00, I wished it was a bit longer. 
  • I would rather that the map skills book suggest some living books that I could get at the library to accompany the study instead of a workbook I would have to purchase.
If you would like a fun, simple unit study on Mapping Skills, look no further.  You can purchase Map Skills from Soli Deo Gloria for $14.00.



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