Friday, October 29, 2010

TOS Crew: Buckets-O-Fun

We were very fortunate to be able to review for Buckets-O-Fun recently for the TOS Crew.  We were given 4 packs of Yuck to play with.  My kids were SO excited!  What kid wouldn't be excited to play with slimy, slippery, sticky stuff?!!

Yuck is, well not real sure how to describe it, I guess sticky, slimy, gooey and lots of FUN pretty much does it!

There are four types of Yuck:
  • Chunky - It starts out looking like rock salt but when it absorbs water it looks like ice cubes.  Very Cool!
  • Saucy - This Yuck is like powder then looks like clear applesauce once it has absorbed water. 
  • Sticky - Is well, sticky.  I mean REALLY STICKY!  We thought this one was really neat.  It is like slimy snot.  Cool huh? 
  • Snowy - This Yuck starts off looking like sugar then ends up looking like slushy snow after you add water.

Yuck can be used for lots of things.  It would be awesome on a Slip-N-Slide, to put in balloons, to use for a field day and Buckets-O-Fun has LOTS of game ideas for you.  Buckets-O-Fun also sells Yuck tints to color your Yuck AND a Yuckzooka.  Who wouldn't want a Yuckzooka?! 

Yuck gives us Moms (and Dads, The Hubs actually is the one who did this one with the kids) a chance to let the kids get a little messy and have a lotta fun!  See...

The ingredients are super easy, the Yuck of your choice (this one here is the Sticky Yuck), water, large bowl and spoon.

Place the Yuck in a bowl, now just add enough water to get it to your desired consistency.


One at a time please.  Everyone will get a turn.

Ooohhh and Ahhh! 


You can purchase your own Yuck from Buckets-O-Fun, it starts at $16.00 per pound depending on which Yuck you choose.  Please keep in mind that one pound of Saucy, Chunky or Snowy Yuck can make up to 60 gallons.  The Sticky Yuck makes 5-10 gallons.

We were given samples of Yuck at no charge for review purposes.  I was not paid in any way and the opinions here are mine.



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