Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Solutions: DVD Storage

We love movies, so a while back I decided that I was tried of all of the dvd cases lying around here.  The cases just take up too much space in my opinion.   I tried the cd case idea for a while but now I have a new, hopefully improved, way of storing the dvd's.

I got this cd storage box on Amazon for about $10.  It holds 330 discs. 

Then I ordered the colored cd sleeves to color code our movies. Blue & Green are for cartoon show like Veggietales, Thomas the Train and Diego.  Red & Orange are for family movies like Facing the Giants, Uncle Nino and Flicka.  The White cases are for movies that we don't feel are appropriate for the kids, the kids know that they are not allowed to watch these, PERIOD!  

Last but not least, the Yellow cases are for exercise videos that the kids can us for PE. 

 We also have a video cabinet as well, that I store our VHS in and some dvd sets in.  Yes, we still have and USE some VHS tapes! 


Krystal said...

This is a neat idea! We finally had to move all the kids' movies into a big CD wallet because they were just taking up so much space. I like your color coding idea,'s hard to find anything in our CD wallet and if we put our movies in there it would be a problem; we just don't buy that many adult movies.

I love your blog, by the way!

Joyce said...

Looks good! We have those big CD binders for ours. I put them in semi-alphabetical order. They work pretty well.


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