Friday, September 10, 2010

TOS Crew: Math Essentials Review

Through the TOS Crew we were able to review America's Math Teacher by Math Essentials.  America's Math Teacher is a web based math program that offers four math courses:

Course 1 Basic Math Skills
This first course focuses on topics like whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, geometry, and more. This level is geared for 4th and 5th grade students.

Course 2 Advanced Math Skills
In the second course students will learn about whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, geometry, and more. This course helps the student to prepare for pre-algebra.

Course 3 Pre-Algebra
The third course in the series teaches the student integers, exponents, order of operations, ratios and proportions number theory, linear equations, probability and statistics. This course is a required prior to the Algebra I course that Math Essentials offers.

Course 4 Algebra I
In this fourth and final course, students will learn and master all of the essential skills in Algebra.

This math program was created by a 5th and 6th grade math teacher, Rick Fisher, who has successful helped many students excel at math. Many of his students do so well that they even skip 7th grade math and move right into 8th grade Algebra!

For this review we focused on the Basic Math Skills, because the Lil' Chef is in 5th grade this year. Each course has several math lessons for you to watch, the Basic Math Skills Course has about 85.  Each lesson is is taught with great detail, Rick is very good at explaining the problems so that the children (and mom) can understand. There are also downloadable worksheets to coincide with each topic studied.
To be honest, at first I thought of America's Math Teacher as more of a "tutor," but after using the program more I have found that this program could be used as a core curriculum or as a supplement.  If you have a child or children that are struggling in math or if you lack confidence in teaching math than this program is definitely worth taking a peak at.

America's Math Teacher is available to homeschooling families for $195.00 for a one year subscription.  The program offers several video lessons that you can sample because you purchase.

For our family, I would enjoy using this program as more of a supplemental program if it was more cost effective.  I think this program would be great for families with several children in 4th grade and higher.

This web subscription was given to us free of charge for review purposes  I was not paid in any way and the opinions expressed were my own.


Joyce said...

Your reviews are great! Have a great day!

Guiding Light said...

Great review!


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