Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camping with the Family - Part 1

Most summers since I was a little girl I have been to Ocean City, Maryland.  I have lots of childhood memories of this place.  I surely can't come here with out thinking of my Mom or my buddy Melissa.  So, for the most part we have started the same tradition of bringing our kids to the beach.  Except now we camp!  The Hubs and I are very blessed to have a travel trailer, it is like a cozy little home away from home. 

Last year we found this awesome little campground called Frontier Town, evidently it has been around for a looong time.  I would have to say it is my 2nd favorite campground (Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach is our 1st).  The campground is western themed, has mini golf, a huge arcade, a western theme park and BEST OF ALL they have a WATER PARK!!!  The water park is included in your stay which is great for our pockie books. 

Thought I'd share some of the fun we are having this week.....

Not a great start to our vacation.  They have been calling for rain all week.  This is about the time I start praying for good weather : )

After 7 ga-zillion "are we there yet's," we finally arrive.  Can you feel the van shaking from the kids and I jumping up and down in our seats?

Here is the western jail we pass by.  I told the kids that they would be sent there if they misbehaved.  Just kiddin'!

Sofa bed and Dinette.

This is the inside of the trailer.  Praise God for bump outs!  We have a nice bit of space to spread out, on days that it rains ALL DAY LONG, like yesterday for instance. 

The kitchenette, and do ya see the $5 crockpot!  I used this to cook my potatoes for potato salad and BBQ Chicken yesterday when we decided to not grill out in the pouring down rain. 

Excuse the mess but this is our bunk beds.  The girls are supposed to sleep here but....

this is where they usually end up. (pull out sofa)

Frontier Town has a water park.  My favorite part is the lazy river, although it makes me think of my mom. 

The Hubs and Little Bits.  The Hubs lost his sunglasses, can ya tell.

Frolicking in the water.

Cheesin' at the water park. 

After the water park we came back and hung at the campsite. 

Grilled steak and burnt corn, YES we royally burnt the corn. NOTE TO SELF: Do not cook corn on the cob on the campfire.

I will post more pics tomorrow.


Julie Coney said...

Looks like lots of fun! We are going camping in October... i can't wait!.....

Side note about the corn. it works better.... if you keep in in the husk. Soak the husk and cob in some water for a few hours before grilling.... then put them on the fire. saves them from getting torched :)

Brandi said...

We kept them in the husks, wrapped them in tin foil and yeah they were torched! It was horrible, I had never seen BLACK corn before! LOL! Thanks for the tip. We are scheduled to go again in October, maybe I will be brave enough to try again : )

The Unsell Family said...

That looks like such a fun place to vacation! Loved seeing your pictures and the fun your having.


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