Thursday, July 22, 2010

TOS Crew - Travel Kits Ebook Review

As I mentioned a little while ago I have joined the TOS Crew for the 2010-2011 school year.  For my first review I got to review the ebook Travel Kits by Donna Rees, which is published by The Old Schoolhouse.  This book couldn't have come at a more perfect time, SUMMER!! 

Travel Kits is a wonderfully informative book about putting together kits for children (and adults) to help them enjoy traveling while occupying them with fun little gifts.  What a great idea!  Ok, you may be thinking I already give my kids a little backpack with some of their toys and snacks in it.  While that is a great idea, this book kicks it up several notches!  Travel Kits has 93 pages chock full fabulous ideas to make kits that your kids are bound to enjoy.

I love how Denise goes into such great detail about ideas to customize the travel kits that you are making for your children or for someone else.  She has wonderful ideas for different themes, car games and she even gives great packaging ideas.

 In the book you will also find some origami instructions that could be copied and included in the travel kits with origami paper for the kids to do.  I thought this was also apretty neat idea!  Something different that kids don't usually get to do.

Not only does she think of the kids here, but she gives ideas for mom too!  (If anyone would like to make a Travel Kit for me I like cookbooks and word games, just in case you were wondering).  This book would be for an older child or adult to read (in my opinion) but the Travel Kits can be made for any age.  Making a travel kit would be a great family project to do for another family that is getting ready to hit the high road.

I actually made a travel kit by going to the dollar store and purchasing NEW goodies to WRAP and I also added a few fun things that I already had.  The travel kit was intended for my 4 year old nephew that was visiting from out of town.  Long story short I didn't get to give it to him because we were all really sick.
I have decided to save the travel kit for my kids to open while driving to our vacation destination next month.   

Here is the Travel Kit that I made...

Isn't it cute!!

Here are some of the items I put in the Travel Kit:
Silly Putty
Juice box and Fruit Leather (love this idea!)
Bible Heroe's Cards
Sun Glasses
Scramble Squares Puzzle
Rainbow Crayons
Bible Stories Coloring Book
Jumbo Crayons
24 Piece Puzzle
David & Goliath Audio Book
Jonah Audio Book

I was SUPER excited to find these little bible stories on CD, with a small story book for ONLY $1!!  Like Denise says in the book, the less expenive the items the more items you can put in your travel kit.

The book explains that the child/children can open one goodie say every hour, when they cross a state line or whenever they see a blue car.  

I learned alot of great ideas from Travel Kits and would definilty recommend it.  It was a lot of fun being able to make a Travel Kit to bless someone else.  You can purchase the Travel Kits Ebook from The Schoolhouse Store for $12.45 to get started on yor own Travel Kit.

Please know that we received this product free of charge for review purposes. The opinions stated in this review are our own and we were not paid in any way.


Denise said...

LOVE your review and your blog! I am the first to read your review! lol
I am a night owl and when I saw the time, I ran to check my computer & see if my review had posted as scheduled. :)

Now, instead of going to bed, I am reading others reviews! Great job!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Your travel kit came out great, and what wonderful items you found!

Lisa said...

I'm visiting you from the Workboxes group. Great review and I love the travel kit you put together! Just having all those little goodies wrapped makes it so much more special and definitely keeps little hands busy for at least an extra 10 minutes. :)


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